Friday, January 27, 2012

Highlight of the Week has been

This week has been massive on so many levels. After being home since mid February 2011, I returned to work 4 days a week on Monday and rely on our local Kindy as care providor for our 9 month old twins.

The first day was incredibly tough (emotionally) for me because I have never left the twins with an institution of care nor was I placed in one as a child. I grew up with nannies and in Asia, they are very affordable. It is however, not the case here. I shall not bore you with the details of how I came to choose this kindy and rather share with you that it has been a good decision so far.

The first day is always tough for everyone involved including the carers because if you have baby(ies), you will know that they are unpredictable.

For our family, we chose for Jared to drop them off in the morning at around 9am while I pick them up in the afternoon at around 3am. Yes, that means, he has to change them, feed them, grab the bags (containing their lunch and dessert because I choose to even though kindy provides meals) and drop them off on his own. In our case, it is only logistically possible to ferry them from kindy carpark to room using our twin pram. Now, imagine doing that in the wet as the carpark is not sheltered. I shall leave that thought with you or have you already skimmed through it?

There are currently 6 babies in the nursery with a capacity to have up to 8. On this day, all the babies were crying and there were extra reinforcements in the form of additional carers. Thank goodness! According to the carers of our children, they were very good kids. They only cried when Jared left and when anyone baby cried! There is some truth surrounding sympathy crying because my twins do that amongst themselves quite often!

In addition to the extra reinforcements, each crying baby gets cuddled and not left to their own devices (very reassuring), parents are able to ring direct to the room to check up on their child and in our case twins (very reassuring again) and they provide us with a daily report that looks like that:

Ahhh...very reassuring indeed.

The first time I picked them up was heart-wrenching for me because I missed them desperately throughout the day. I was missing my saddle bags! I cuddled each of them tightly, bundled them carefully in their car seats and cried all the way home because yes, you guessed it, I am a basket case! I missed my babies and also immensely proud of them.

Needless to day, each drop off and pick up is a little 'easier' than the previous. I do enjoy picking them up at 3pm and seeing their gorgeous faces which tells me that they have missed me. In order for me to pick them up at 3pm (I know many parents do not have work flexbility like I do), I start work at 6:30am and end at 2:30pm. That's an early start for sure and it's so worth it!

We head home and play on the ground for the next hour before it's feeding them (milk, dinner and dessert), story time, bath and then bed-time.

I have to give credit to my babies for their adaptability and resilience to take in change. They amaze and makes me so very proud of them. There will be good days and not-so-good days...I shall remember this and know that it's part of life. My life. Our life as a family.

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