Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It was Timely

You know the saying, 'Everything happens for a reason'? Well, I think I know why I was "made" to find Heart Felt (as featured in yesterday's post).

Unlike the families who use Heart Felt, I gave birth to two healthy twins at full term with no need for NICU or any other intervention. When they were newborns, the twins would catch a small cold every week. Well, that's how immunity is boosted. Quite mornonic!

Anyhow, I knew they were not feeling their best when I picked them up, I could see it in their eyes and the remanet of clear mucas from their noses was ever present. I cuddled them, drove home and instead of heading into the house like I always do, I set up the pram and took us for a 45 minute walk.

It was a lovely walk and certainly, the calm before the storm.

Needless to say, dinner time was difficult to put it midly so I drew a bath for them in an effort to calm down with the hope of them going to bed earlier. Bath, they did. Sleep, they did not.

It was a struggle and thank goodness, Jared came home to rescue me from the mayhem of screaming babies who wouldn't let me out of their sights even for a mere second, bathing one baby at a time, changing one baby at a time...you get the point.

We ended up each cuddling our babies to comfort them and despite being overwhelmed, I enjoyed those cuddles because I am reminded about what I had posted on this blog earlier.

My babies are alive, they are warm-blooded and know who we are. We have been making beautiful memories as a family. They are merely suffering from the discomforts associated with the common cold. No doubt, caught from Childcare. Very typical.

Yes it was a disruptive night and very few of those for us. There are families out there who have to battle with disruption / interruptions throughout their days and especially at nights with no light in sight.

I am grateful and whenever I lose it, I will always remember that it is part of being a mummy. Being a family. We are a team.

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