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A Special Tribute to Heart Felt

I came across a wonderful website for a group of volunteer professional photographers giving the gift of photographic memories to families that have experienced stillbirths, premature and ill infants and children in NICU as well as children with serious and terminal illnesses.

These babies bring so much hope to the lives of their families from the moment their existences are detected. The excitement and anticipation of his/her arrival and the dreams that their parents must have for them. Every single day of their gestation is a miracle and their eventual birth is when reality really hits and rocks the very foundations of their loved ones.

I only have a small glimpse into what it must be for the families because I lost a baby. Mine took place at 7 weeks. Apparently, very common in the first trimester. Still, it was a hard one to swallow because by that stage, we had been trying for 4 years and I had undergone numerous procedures as well. To be dealt with that, was certainly a very bitter pill to swallow. In fact, I choked until the day I held the twins in my arms.

Therefore, I can only imagine what it must be like for families having to go through the unimaginable enormity of an innocent life that is born and taken, an innocent life that has to deal with all the extremities thrown at him/her, an innocent life that will not know what having a 'normal' babyhood-toddlerhood-childhood-tweenhood-teenhood-adulthood means, an innocent life that does not deserve whatever this is.

I am thankful that Heart Felt preserves those special moments for the families. Something tangible that can be touched, looked at and forever etched into their hearts and minds. This is all that remains for many of these families.

Heart Felt is a wonderful organisation that does this service for free. So, if you are looking to donate towards a cause, make this one or one of many.

I am grateful to have chanced upon this website because I will cherish my cherubs even more and will never take their chance at life for granted.