Monday, January 30, 2012

The work/life balance is working out

Charlotte and Daniel have been wonderful soon-to-be toddlers. They are content most of the time and when they are not, I am not used to it hence hair tearing! As there are two of them, it is impossible to carry both when each of them weigh in excess of 9.2kg and 9.5kg. It's a case of the loudest crier gets mummy and the other, gets the dummy. When the cuddled child settles down, the patient child with the dummy gets cuddled. The other item (besides the dummy) of comfort is drinking water. They love it and there is always a bottle in the media room where they play. I made it a point since they were infants that they be fed water when they woke, throughout the day (every hour or whenever they look parch), with meals and before bed.

Being back at work has been a good decision so far. I can already feel that I have a healthier mental health (pardon the pun) and missing the children makes me appreciate cuddling them so much more.

I have always been an organised person hence it is not a struggle to keep up with what I was already doing prior to being back at work.

  • Weekly grocery gets done;
  • Three varieties of meals for the kids which lasts 3 weeks;
  •  Lunch boxes for Jared and I are filled on Saturday and placed in the freezer so all we have to go during the week is to take one out each day and hey presto;
  • At least 2 dinners are cooked in advanced on Saturday and frozen so I don't have to cook on Monday nights (first work day of the week) and Friday (last work day of the week);
  • The kitchen is cleaned each evening;
  • The home is tidied of all toys in all 3 play zones;
  • Laundry folded and placed back into respective wardrobes, etc
Yes, I am very proud of myself that we have been able to manage it all so far. Yes, Jared and I make a great team. Together with our precious cherubs, we are a complete family.


  1. Can you come and do my housework too!! :-)