Thursday, February 23, 2012

10 Months (yesterday)

Post Breakfast
On this day, we are thankful that the children continue to thrive, are content and happy 99% of the time. On this day, they rejected their usual breakfast favourite of cereal-fruit-milk-yoghurt for breakfast (started showing signs of rejection two days ago). They choose a REALLY GOOD DAY for outright rejection because I was home.

Out came, scrambled eggs, pan-fried / home-made tuna & vegetables patty (meant for dinner) and whole mango sliced into cubes. They ate it all up and yes, they also had their bottle of 220ml of formula before this. They grow up fast! My pureeing days are over... YAY!

Fashion Shoot for Multiplied Magazine
Last month, Charlotte and Daniel were chosen to be featured in the Autumn/Winter edition of the ‘Multiplied’ Magazine. The photo shoot took place in a field occupied by tall weeds that resemble reeds at Mango Hill. The outdoor set also featured a stunning vintage bed with gorgeous linen. Charlotte and Daniel were the youngest pair of twins and modelled two different pyjamas (sleep bags). It was a very hot day and the pyjamas rather thick (it was after all, for Autumn/Winter). They did not display any diva behaviours and were very tolerant as the photographer was very professional and quick. One of the designers even gifted a set of pyjamas (sleep bags) which they modelled in for the children to keep!

The Weigh In
It’s been awhile since we visited our local pharmacy and it was also this day that the mid wife was in the store. When we walked in, all the staff gravitated towards the children and piled endless encouragement and praises upon the children and marvelled at their development. It was a very lovely moment because they have known the twins and us since they were 6 weeks young (at their first weigh in). On this day, Charlotte weighs 9.35kg and is 71cm and Daniel weighs 9.5kg and is 70cm. 10 months ago, they both weighed 2.58kg each. WOW!

Lunch of Vegemite and Cream Cheese Sandwich
Charlotte loves feeding herself and while Daniel loves squishing food between his fingers, he still prefers being fed by opening his mouth very wide.

After their sandwich (1 slice of wholemeal each), they also demolished a huge bowl of cut up (into cubes) mango, kiwi fruit, pear and whole raspberries! In a week, they will consume 4 whole mangoes, 6 kiwi fruits, 4 pears, 4 punnets of raspberries and 2 punnets of blueberries.

This was so messy and heaps of fun! We had a laughter filled Wednesday Afternoon. Yes, they napped in their room for 1.5 hours post lunch. It was bliss for the three of us.

Crawling Charlotte
She started crawling a week ago and continues to make great strides in this area. Wherever we are, she is too. It is very endearing. Charlotte discovered drawers recently and love checking them out just like the photo on the left. This drawer will be re-organised this weekend to include plastic containers, silicon spatulas, and stainless steel measuring spoons, melamine plates and cups.

Whenever Daniel is on the red car and being pushed along, she will follow us closely behind giggling the whole way. It is wonderful and our heart bursts with pride and joy.

{Chunky} Dinner and {later} Bed Time
Dinner offerings have changed from puree casseroles to beef sausages-rice-vegetables, shepherd’s pie, macaroni and cheese with tuna, etc. It does take slightly longer to feed them now and assuring to see that they chew their food thoroughly. After their main meal, they have more fruit and finish with a small bowl of Greek yoghurt. They then watch us eat our dinner before their bath with daddy at 6:00pm. They get read a few books before lights out at 6:30pm in their bedroom and all is quiet on the home front until 6:30am.  

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