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Auto-Pilot Mode

Being a creature of habit, I would do certain things at certain times. Sometimes I am conscious about them and other times, not. Have you been under that 'trance' as well?

The other morning I was in the shower getting ready for work and next I am wondering if I had shampooed my hair while drying off! To think that my brain had power off during those minutes! My colleague at work shared that there have been occassions when she has driven home from work without being aware of her driving! Her mind was elsewhere! Has this happen to you too?

On the flipside, there have been occassions when I wish my brain would switch off and it wouldn't cooperate! Very annoying especially when I need to head into the office in a couple of hours.

Here's what a typical work day looks like for me:

Alarm goes off, check on the sleeping kids, breakfast, shower

Grab my lunchbox, drive towards the city

In my office

Ring Childcare to check in on the kids

Leave office, drive towards the direction of home

Childcare - chat with carers, cuddle kids and huddle them into car for home

Cuddle and play with kids

Kids play on their own while I get laundry off the line and start dinner for J & I

Milk feed for kids in their rockers so that I can attend to both at once

Milk feed finishes and kids watch an episode of "Baby Einstein", while I wash bottles  and fill it with formula for the next day and place in fridge, prepare their breakfast of cereal-yoghurt-3 fruits in container for the next day and set Dinner for J & I aside

Kids in their high chairs, fed their dinner of protein-carbs-vegetables, drink of water and play on high chairs after they have finished while I wash their container of dinner and place dinner for the following night in the container bound for the fridge (I have at least 4 different varieties of meals in the freezer for the kids)

Dessert of fruit and yoghurt for the kids, after they have finished they get read 2 books, J is home, he cleans their faces while I prepare their bedroom for bedtime

5:30pm - 5:50pm
Kids get one-on-one time with J during bath time, I slather them with body lotion-dress them-cuddle-put them to bed, I leave the nursery while Jared reads them another book and settle them in for the night so that I can serve dinner, clean the kitchen surfaces and have a shower

We sit down to dinner and babies are in their own cots, sleeping. Even if they are crying, there's no cuddles and leave them because they self-settle and sleep for the night. For the rest of the evening, we relax - watch tv, surf the internet, fold laundry (almost every night), iron (once a week), etc

Lights out and head to bedroom to read prior to ZZZZZzzzzz