Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Exhausted and Happy Juggler

Last week was eventful which also meant that slight adjustments were made to our routine.

Starting with Tuesday when i drove a total of 6 hours in very bad weather, mostly on the freeway to bid a rather teary farewell to a lovely work associate. He was only in his ealy 60s and died while having a shower at home. I had only seen him a week before in the office. The church was packed beyond capacity and eulogies delivered were touching and light-hearted. He was a very special man and touched the lives of those of us who know him. Then back to the office (3 hours away) in peak hour traffic for an important meeting that could not be re-scheduled. On this day, I couldn't have fulfilled my longer hours at work without the loving and quiet support of my darling husband who made adjustments to his work commitments so that he could pick our children up at childcare, etc.

The work week continued to build up which is not unusual and in the past (pre babies), I could simply go home and crash. This, I can no longer do and am glad I don't because I have two children who needs me & I adore spending time with them and I demonstrate my love for my husband by cooking our dinners every night. He appreciates the gesture and our children make it 'easy' for us to catch our breathes and go to bed at 8:30pm because they continue to sleep well from 6:30pm.

Yesterday (Saturday), I was back at work - Board Meeting. Again, thank goodness for the loving generosity of my husband, I am able to fulfill my corporate commitments. He took great care of our children single-handed the entire day! Wow!

Today (Sunday) is my day with them and so far, they have been delightful. I even gave them congee for lunch! Allow me to back-track for those of you who are unaware of their first experience with confee.

When they were 5 months young and my mum was here, she delighted in the task of feeding all of us and especially her grandchildren. She made them chinese congee (a nourishing and comforting meal of rice, meat and veggies) and it was cooked for a long time to ensure that the texture was puree standard and the flavour of the meat and vegetables permeated through the congee. It was love in a meal. However, the children did not like it one bit! They spat it out!

Fast forward 5 months later, I made them a fushion version of congee. Much like risotto. I tweaked it ever so slightly by adding cheddar. Yes, cheese to the congee. In it were also, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, tuna and salmon. Yes I am crazy like that. I like to maximise nutrition and taste! hahahaha...GUESS WHAT?! The children ate 1.5 baby blows of this, each! WOW!

Here's what I learnt about myself this week:
  • My husband is very capable of looking after our children. Do not worry. Give him the opportunity to enjoy the children all on his own.
  • I am a good and safe driver with an ability to remain very calm in very challenging road conditions (a town on the sunshine coast suffered extensive damages as a result of the weather)
  • I can and am a good team player at work and at home
  • I have the ability to 'switch off' after work 
  • I am who I am because those around accept me for who I am and gift me the confidence to do what I need to do, with a very happy and accepting heart
  • My personal lesson is to always greet and farewell a friend with warmth and love because I never know when I will see them again

Playing on their high chairs before dinner

Charlotte enjoying her bath

The most important people in my life

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