Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Family Flu

Being sick is part and parcel of childcare. What I wasn't counting on was being infected by them! Even Jared has not been spared! Only the cat has been left unscathed.

My oh my! Whatever the twins caught must be potent!

Naturally, it is energy zapping and downright miserable. I recall those pre-baby years with fondness, I could just sleep and rest as much as I needed to. Now, it is simply impossible.

Everyone needs to be comforted. Everyone needs noses wiped. Everyone needs to be fed. Everyone needs to have a bath at some point. Everyone needs ... you get the point.

Please ... Speedy recovery to all of us and another uninterrupted night's sleep so that we will all get well soon!


  1. Get ready for more!! They will get everything and anything until they are around 5. Good luck and keep sane. You are going to need it!

  2. Oh dear! I am not looking forward to it! Especially when I am ill too! :-(

  3. Mags, it was in Feb last year that Archer got a cold from childcare and we cross-infected each other constantly until late September. I hope you don't have as rough a run as we did as it was totally debilitating and quite expensive! My doctor said it would be pretty constant for the first 2 years. I think I prefer that version to pridenlove's :-) (Soz Pridenlove!)

  4. Gee...Thanks for the head's up, Krysten! I am certainly not looking forward to them being sick let alone cross-infection!

    On the other hand, I have also read that when children are exposed to viruses this young it makes them more immune to them when they go to school. Well, that's the light at the end of the tunnel I suppose.