Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Having Time to Myself

I left work at 10:30am yesterday because my medical appointment was pushed forward to 11:00am at my local GP. When I got to the entrance of the clinic, I realised how 'free' my hands were! No pushing of double stroller, no trying to hold the door so that stroller could be pushed through, etc.

I was on my own, in broad daylight and cannot recall when I was last in this state! Wow...must be awhile then huh?

After the appointment and with children still at childcare, I did not know what to do with myself! Hah! What an oxymoron! I rang my 'woman of leisure' girlfriend with no kids to find out if she wanted to catch up - perfect opportunity! No, she had other plan! WHAT?! I give up and decided to just spend the next few hours on my own.

To the local cafe, I went. Ordered iced coffee and a beef pie. Walked across to the newsagent and purchased the latest tabloid trash that screams 'Pippa Getting Married' on the front cover - fantastic, this is trashy! I sat down and enjoyed 30 minutes of uninterrupted dinning and reading. It was bliss!

Then I felt guilty for not doing anything 'useful'. Crazy, I know.

Off to the supermarket, I go. Walking up and down every single isle. It was a very peaceful time to shop. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed myself knowing that I don't have to rush home!

An hour later, I was back home in my kitchen unpacking groceries quietly and thoughtfully. Then it occured to me, NO KIDS! I literally screamed! hahahaha...still, I went about my task quietly, it's been ingrained in me for the last 10 months.

Since I had 2 more hours before pick up at 3pm (I can leave them there till 6pm but I don't), I started cooking dinner leisurely, tidied the media room, sorted out the clean laundry, etc. So much was accomplished in those few hours. It was wonderful.

Then I left home to pick up my children. As usual, it was such a delight walking into their nursery. All the children were well-behaved and tucking into their afternoon tea of Orange & Poppy Seed Cake. WOW! Charlotte squealed with delight when she saw me and Daniel smiled his biggest smile with cake in his mouth. That is recognition and love.

We drove home and when we got into the garage, I strapped them into their stroller and off we went for our 1 hour walk around the local park and walkways. It's one of the highlights of my day. We get to enjoy the outdoors and also enjoy the company of my very good friend and my 'other daughter'. Then you know what happens after - milk, dinner, dessert, bath, bedtime, etc...

Having time to myself is a rare occurance which I will enjoy from time to time and WHAT I REALLY ENJOY is cuddling my children + telling them that I love and cherish them very much. They have certainly made me a better person.

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