Friday, February 10, 2012

My First Born Crawls for the First Time

Another day in the office and feeling very accomplished. The clock showed 2:15pm and I was out of the office-in my car-drove away from the city and towards the two people who have stolen my heart.

I love walking into their nursery because the babies are often happy and enjoying Afternoon Tea. It is quite surreal how orderly and content those babies are. The carers are simply wonderful and genuinely cares for them and that high level of pride is reflected in the cherry atmosphere.

One of Charlotte's carers tied her hair today. I have never done it myself and she looks absolutely adorable. In fact, I exclaimed that she looks like a daugher of Shrek and Fiona's!

When we got home, I placed the children in the Media Room where they would play...Lo and Behold, Charlotte started crawling, RIGHT BEFORE MY VERY EYES!

I think it was the very first time she had attempted crawling because her carers at Childcare would have mentioned it to me.

My heart swelled with immense pride that it could burst. I am so proud of her and I could see the glee and pride in her eyes also.

Here you have it, my first born, 9.5 months young. Crawling.

I am so grateful to be present for this moment and look forward to many more!


  1. I am sure Daniel is saying show off to her!! :-)

  2. hahahahah...I think you are right! :-)