Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nostalgia from 2003

That was the year I married Jared surrounded by 55 of our select group of family and friends. I remember it being a windy August day (typical of that month) and being very calm. I had known in the early months of our dating life that he was the one for me because I could and still put up with him (99% of the time) and him with me. Love.

We chose the one venue to be married and to have our wedding dinner because we are just that kind of people. No fuss. Our guests did not have to bother with driving and parking at different locations. Instead of having multiple bridal outfits (common in Asia and maybe other parts of the world), I chose to have only one dress and this one came with a clasp that hooked my train up so that I can walk and dress freely after the ceremony.

That day went by very quickly and next thing we know, our family and friends had formed a circle to bid us farewell at the conclusion of the dinner.

When we got back to our suite, we were greeted with a huge mountain of gifts and cards. It was like Christmas morning! We were so thrilled, excited AND absolutely delighted by this outpouring of love and generosity.

The next morning, we left for our 3 week honeymoon to New Zealand. That started our love affair with Middle Earth alongside our marriage.

Fast forward 9 years and we are now parents to two gorgeous children.

Naturally, we have had our fair share of ups and downs. It is part of life and to be expected when two individuals come together to make a life together. I've always told Jared that the day I stop communicating and complaining, is the day I stop caring and he better be worried! LOL

I will never forget how we begun and will always treasure the love & bond that will never be taken for granted because when the children leave home (eventually), we will always have each other.


Happy Valentine's Day, Jared. I Love You.


  1. That's lovely, Mags. I'd like to request, now, a retelling of your first date. Do you remember me telling you about a first date of mine once? Oh, you laughed and declared I'd been seduced.
    In 2003 you would have had little idea of what was ahead, but how wonderful now to look back through the lens of the last 12 months. xxx

  2. hahaha...I don't remember your sharing (it's been quite awhile). Seduction is good, isn't it? LOL

    Our first date was in fact with other people back in 1999. Allow me to set the record straight. There were 4 of us on this platonic date. I asked a guy friend out to thank him for helping me move and Jared asked a female friend blah blah blah. I was "suppose" to concentrate on my male friend, Jared and I kept talking the entire night! It was quite enjoyable and peculiar at the same time even though I cannot remember the conversation.

    A month later, I took Jared out a date on a sailboat with other mates. Another month later, he took me on a date to Mongolian BBQ! Now, why did I bother to even take a shower?! hahahah....

    Yes you are absolutely right that I had little idea of what was ahead and one thing for certain, I am looking forward to what is ahead.

    What about you? Do you remember your first date with Phil?