Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sleeping babies are beautiful

Here I am siting on my lounge at home nursing my flu and having copious amounts of fluid. The home is quiet except for the distant murmurings from an episode of Mad Men and the buzzing of Summer Bugs. Moments of tranquility such as this is precious. Did I mention that the twins are home as well? They are certainly in much better shape than I am and we made a decision to keep them home another day to fight the cold.

Good for them, not so good for me!

Nonetheless, it has been manageable with Jared feeding them milk and breakfast while I napped and he came back again at lunch time to clean their faces smothered with post lunch and changed their nappies becaus I am devoid of energy.

The twins are needy and want to be by my side all the time. It's heart-warming that they associate me with comfort and fun. They are now having their 3rd nap of the day and they look so beautiful and peaceful. No stress, no worries, just fulfilling their napping quota. Life is simple for them.

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