Monday, February 20, 2012

A Weekend of Milestones!

Wow! What a weekend that was! The summer temperature soared, the laundry kept piling up, the children kept growing and cranky (and the return of the dreaded cold), I was absolutely knackered trying to keep various plates spinning in the air and was on my own on Saturday because Jared was away for work.

When I had a rare moment of reprive, I wondered how 'older' parents with young child/children do it. Here I am soon to be 34 years old and absolutely exhausted (happy, mind you) and running out of puff. I have no idea how they do it and hope never hope to find out.

Last Friday, I learnt from the children's carers that they enjoyed their lunch of beef sausages, rice and vegetables + afternoon snack of fruit toast! Wow! When did they go from eating puree to chunky food? Does that happen overnight? Surely not! No doubt, I have to give their carers credit for doing what they do.

Here I am on Friday night after taking the children for their afternoon walk, playing with them, feeding them their dinner of 3 courses, bathing them, putting them to bed, cooking and eating dinner and absolutely buggered from my week at work, pushing the shopping trolley down every single isle of the local supermarket. I had to do it this night because Jared was going to be away on Saturday for work and I do not want to lug the children to the supermarket on the weekend when it is most crowded and stressful.

It's quite 'sad' and atypical that the only time a mother has to herself is when she goes food shopping! 

Taking into consideration their preference for chunky food, I bought organic beef sausages, premium beef mince, tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, small shell pasta and of course, fruit loaf. The following meals were created:

  • BBQ Beef Sausages and Rice
    Rice cooked together with diced pumpkins, carrots and peas
  • Shepherd's PieBeef mince seasoned with oregano cooked with carrots, peas, corn and tomatoes, topped with mashed cauliflower, pumpkin and sweet potato + freshly grated cheddar cheese
  • Pasta and TunaCooked pasta shells mixed with mashed cauliflower, pumpkin, sweet potato, 3 cheeses and tuna 
The children tried all three at various meals over the weekend and loved it! Thank goodness! I would be so cross and disappointed if they didn't go down well due largely to the effort I put in.

The other aspect that I have been trying to 'train' the children in off and on for the last few months is drinking from a straw. Many baby drink bottles come with spouts, straws, etc and parenting books point to the need for children from 6 months onwards to start drinking from spouts / straws (whatever their preferences are) as oppose to the teat because it strengthens their jaws, promote better dental health when teeth comes through, etc.

Last weekend, I decided to go it another go. Lo and behold...they drank from the straw at first suck! WOW! Yes, I do get excited over things like that these days because I want to never take every development however swift or delayed, for granted.

Here is them, their water bottles! 

Charlotte was especially thrilled about her independence and kept drinking water, the entire weekend!

Daniel was fascinated by his progress and kept swinging the bottle like a light sabre! 

Another weekend down and another work week has begun. This week is the start of the 'busy' season for me...working an average of 12 hours per day including this Saturday...LORD, GIVE ME STRENGTH AND energy.

Ready or not, work beckons!

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