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Weekends are Made of These

Like many parents who have young children, weekends are no longer about sleeping in and rather about spending time with the family and doing housework. That we certainly accomplished on the weekend.

Saturday morning arrived and we were 'on fire'. I started with feeding the children their milk, the washing machine was turned on and Jared attended to our cars which were in desperate need of a wash and vaccum. After the children's appetites were temporary satisfied by milk, I folded the basket of laundry and put them away, hung out the laundry and fed the children their breakfast of cereal-yoghurt-fruit. After that, they played on their high chairs for the next 15 minutes while I unstacked the dishwasher, gave the kitchen stove and benches a good clean. At the same time, Jared begun ironing 2 weeks worth of clothes with the children strapped into their rockers watching Sesame Street. I was then tasked to hang all the ironed clothes and put them away. After Jared was done with ironing, he dry mopped our entire home. While the children were happy, I quickly jumped into the shower, got dressed and into the car bound for the supermarket. All these before 9am.

Yes we are a good team.

I found out over the week at Childcare that Daniel loves hats. That's why it is a good idea to linger at childcare for about 5-10 minutes during pick up to have a chat and to take an interest in the efforts of the carers.

Yes we have quite a few of these straw hats and Daniel had a ball taking it off and putting it back on. He was playing 'Peek a Boo' on his own. It was very amusing and oh so lovely to know that my son can amuse himself without any assistance!

Can you tell that I love him very much?

As you may be aware, Charlotte started crawling last Friday. She takes such delight in her new found independence, I don't blame her! She loves exploring around the home and takes herself to our foyer for a spot of sun-tanning, I may have to apply sunscreen all over her body!

I had a most splendid Saturday with my children and it just got better with Mummy Tree Markets and Dinner at Sanctuary Cover with a darling friend whose daughter just turned 1. It was a wonderful treat for us to put ourselves first on this occassion.

Just when I thought Saturday was great, Sunday was even more brilliant. We took the kids to New Farm Park. It's so different being there now as parents. We notice so many more 'play areas' and shaded spots. It's a great park, no wonder, many Brisbane-nites hang out there!

We laid our towel down and as usual, Charlotte went on her merry way, to our amusement and pride. Jared was a very attentive and protective daddy. It was so lovely to witness it all. He is such a hands' on dad and takes absolute delight in his children.

For those of us who have been gifted with more than one child, we long for one on one time with each of them and this was a perfect opportunity for me to lavish my attention on Daniel who finally started sitting VERY WELL about 6 weeks ago and no doubt, will continue to find his own rhythmn and when he is ready to crawl, he will.

We sat under a huge tree and once again, Daniel was very happy picking twigs, leaves, dead flowers off the ground and looked at them rather intently. He reminds me so much of Jared. Like the saying goes, "An Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree".

I can watch him playing all day. That pure innocence. Everything and everything is new. I love him. Isn't he just adorable?

Once again, just when I thought Sunday couldn't get any better. Charlotte and Daniel did this and I am SO GLAD I captured this. They are the very reason why I do what I do every waking moment.

Sibling Love. They love each other and are so close. I am so grateful to be gifted with two beautiful beings. They stole my heart 18.5 months ago. I pray that they will continue to be close throughout their lives.

It was a great afternoon. One that I hope will be replicated all through our lives. Here are the three most important people in my life and I will do anything for them. The family that I have longed for. Dreams do come true.

It was a stinker of a day and we were in high spirits, filled with love and anticipation of what is to come.

When we got home, we sat outside underneath our insulated patio with 2 fans blasting away to keep us cool when the phone rang...

My darling friend invited us to her place for a swim to cool us off and it was PERFECT!

I am so bless.


  1. I so cant wait for the complains of what mischieves they are up to! :-) Dont worry even the best of kids can find things to do that leaves you wondering what did I go wrong as a parent

  2. hahahaha...It's part of growing up. Even I am up to mischief at my age, let alone my children!


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