Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why Naps for Children are SO CRUCIAL!

This photograph sums up what my non-work day/favourite weekday is all about. Relax. Kinda. When you have two soon to to be 10 month young babies.

We had a date with Kate (very good friend who lives across the road) and her daughter Claudia (she's like my 3rd child and I absolutely adore her!).

Off to Marina Mirage at 8:00am. Yes you read it, 8:00am. We are highly organise. Yes, all three kids were fed, cleaned and changed!

Charlotte fell asleep the moment I drove out of the garage and Daniel took a little while. All up, 1 hour nap for Charlotte and 40 minutes for Daniel. Not bad. Yes, I am a little obsessed about naps because it ain't fun when you have a child who is very cranky and/or wouldn't eat at dinner time and when you have two. It is seriously, double trouble.

It was a lovely few hours at Marina Mirage. We strolled along the broadwalk admiring the luxurious vessels, walked through the foyer of the Versace Hotel, drank coffee, a spot of shopping and shared a chocolate fondue at Max Brennar. Yes, we brought morning tea / snacks for the chidlren and they even had their taste of dark and milk chocolate ... and loved it! They kept licking their lips for more and no, we did not give in. That's the kind of mummies we are. We give a little and give no more!

At 11:15am, we started our drive back home mainly to coincide with naps and to feed . Charlotte fell asleep again for the entire 1 hour and Daniel did not. Instead, he was quite happy checking out the scenary and laughing. It's such a delight having children who travel well...until, he did a #2 just when we got off the major freeway (still 15 mins away from home). Then he started screaming and wouldn't stop. I just had to keep driving.

To cut a long story short, he was cleaned and put down for a nap which was the right thing to do because he napped for 1 hr 15 minutes. Charlotte on the other hand was bright eyed, bushy tailed so she had lunch and played for about 30 minutes before her nap of 45 minutes. While they were napping, I took the laundry off the line-folded-put them away, cleaned kitchen benchtops, etc. Daniel woke up before her so I had one on one time with him! Yeah!

When Charlotte was awake, all of us went for a hour long leisurely stroll around our estate and park. It was lovely. I love watching my children as they take in their surroundings. Their reactions are so pure and oh so delightful!

Next on the agenda: Dinner-Time for the children. Milk feed at 4:30pm, main meal at 5:00pm, dessert at 5:20pm, bath at 5:45pm and bed-time at 6:00pm. Yes this is our dinner-bedtime routine every single day.

Yesterday I had a helper. Jamie, one of my neighbour's three daughters, who enjoys babies. She is often around and helps me feed-clean-cuddle-play-read to them! It's absolutely wonderful. She's also a mature girl whom I enjoy having conversations with! Oh yes, if you ever need someone to join your team for a trivia night and its focus is Harry want HER on your team! Enough said.

Yes, the children were in bed at 6:00pm and not a peep out of them! Ahhhh...bliss!

Therefore, I cannot advocate enough the importance of napping for children. They need to nap (only a maximum of 3 hours per day) and stay awake for at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Keep their bellies full, give them a warm bath, ensure that their bedroom is a nice cool temperature and most importantly, to be consistent about this routine, do not rush into their bedroom when they start crying (unless they are unwell) and you will enjoy your evenings and have good quality sleep like us. Yes, they sleep straight through the night too.


  1. What kind of mother to feed them chocolate millk!!!
    ROTFL. Word of advice. No CANDY what so ever as you want to use them as rewards for toilet training. Can you imagine the willing kid I have when he does his big thing he gets 1 candy? Easiest toilet training ever.

    1. Not chocolate milk! I gave them each a tsp of dark and milk chocolate that were melted down for fondue! LOL