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Adventures of a Career Mum Continues...

Approximately 5 nights a month, I will experience interrupted sleep because one of the children will wake up in the wee hours of the morning due to nightmare (what do they dream about?!), wet nappy, poopy nappy, for the sake of crying, etc. Last night was one of those nights. First cry for cuddle was at 2:35am, from Daniel. I lie in bed for 5 minutes to ascertain the need for intervention and yes, it was needed. Into their room I go, usual technique of placing dummy back in mouth, rubbing his tummy gently, making quiet shhhh noises and within 15 minutes, he calmed down and went bed to sleep.

Back to bed I laid and this time I couldn't drift off to sleep. An hour later, crying again. Yes, Daniel. Again. Within 1 minute I was in their room because his cries were really desperate and I really don't need Charlotte being awoken too! This time, I smeared Bonjela on his dummy, took him out of his cot and cuddled him. He started playing with my hair, then lightly tapping my chest while staring at me. He is content and I am content. He loves his cuddles and I love giving it to him. Before I know it, his eyes are shut and I place him back in his cot.

3:45am and I am back in bed. This time, I slept.

5:15am, the alarm on my iPhone goes off and it's time for me to hit the shower. 5:45am, I am in the car and out on the very wet roads. 6:15am, I am in the office. Turned on my laptop, turned on the switch for the kettle for my first cuppa of the day then my iPhone rings and the screen reads 'Jared'. Oh dear. He never rings me this time of the morning.

"I am feeling very sick and cannot care for babies."

Turned off my laptop, locked the office door and to the car I go. The rain is even heavier. Rang the President to let her know what's going on and I looked at the time on the dashboard - babies will be wanting their milk now flashed in my brain. While navigating heavy peak hour traffic in pouring rain, I rang my neighbour next door (thank goodness for good neighbourly friends and integrated blue tooth in car) to ask for her intervention before I get home with instruction to knock the front door of my home VERY LOUDLY (we have very thick front door) so that Jared can hear.

7:00am, I drive into my garage. My neighbour friend has changed their nappies, fed them their milk and my children are full from milk, clean and content. Thank goodness. She heads off home to care for her children. I check on Jared - he's throwing up. Well, at least he can walk himself into the ensuite. Thank goodness.

I feed Charlotte and Daniel their breakfast of apple muesli filled with milk, yoghurt and freshly sliced raspberries. Cleaned, cuddled, played with them and off to childcare they went at 8:00am. A little earlier than usual because the rain had eased off slightly and I am meant to be in the office (in the city) and will be working from home today.

Charlotte and Daniel continue to amaze me with their abilities to adapt. They did not protest when my neighbourly friend came by to care for them instead of mum & dad and they did not cry when I left them at childcare earlier than usual. I am so proud to be their mummy and love them so much not just because they are mine and more the fact that, they are mature beyond their young years. I am so very bless and lucky.