Monday, March 5, 2012

Adventures of a Career Mum Part II

The adventure continues from this morning.

 After getting home from childcare, I got straight into work mode. Emails needed answering, proposals needed tweaking, conversations needed to be had with team members about publications, sponsorships, workshops, finances, protocols, etc.

Jared's condition continued deteriorating. I finally coaxed him to see our local GP by reminding him what happened to his last Gastro which saw him at the Emergency Department of a hospital some 45 minutes away. Appointment was made for 12:15pm.

Into the clinic we go and his surgeon from Monday who removed his bcc who is also a GP was assigned to him. Why not 'kill two birds with one stone'? Check the stitches and also sort out this bitch of a gastro!

Jared was immediately taken into the examination room. First, check on the stitches. In order to do that, the Dr has to remove the bandages! *OUCH* I had to step out because Jared was in agony - the bandages were as you would expect 'stuck' to the dried up blood, which is stuck to the stitches, which are stuck to his skin which was delicately sliced! *OUCH*

Poor guy, as if the agony of gastro wasn't enough. The positive? His stitches look great and the incisions made are barely visible! WOW! Great job, Doc!

Just when one wonders how much more pain Jared can take...Doc recommends a worse than bee sting jab on his arm for anti-nausea. Oh dear...OOOOOooUUUUUUUCCCcccHHHH!

There he is, lying on the plank of a bed in agony. Me watching on helplessly and calmly knowing that we are in the best place possible for him. Well, everyone knows us there and when you have twins, people remember who you are.

An hour passes and Jared is still no better. In fact, he's turning green and white. Poor darling. What next? Well...the IV Drip!

As if my poor darling husband needs more discomfort. Well, like a good mate puts it, "Dehydration is a bitch!"

In goes the IV. For those of you who don't know him, he use to faint at the sight of needles. Literally faint. Since being diagnose with Haemochromatosis, he's had to 'blood let' aka donate blood regularly to keep his iron levels in check.

Poor Jared. I feel for him. I know and he knows that the IV will make him feel much better based on our previous experiences.

He gets an entire 1 litre bag of fluids and it is 2:50pm. About time to get the children from childcare. Technically, I don't have to get the children till 6:00pm. However, I make a conscience choice for them not to be in care for more than 7 hours each day (4 days a week) and must be home with one of us by 4:00pm (latest. They are usually picked up by 3:00pm) so that we can spend time with them and begin our dinner-bedtime routine. Trust me. If you are not a parent yet, you will soon know how crucial the bonding and routine is and you don't want to jinx it.

I drop Jared home and my darling friend drops by with a huge container of pea & ham soup. Made with love, comfort and friendship. Exactly what I need instead of caffeine to keep my energy level up. I down half the container and I felt refreshed!

Back in the car I go heading to my two loves. Charlotte was still napping and Daniel was up and having cuddle time with one of his carers. I finally sit, catch my breathe and catch up with the carers. They are such lovely people and I am so grateful for them. They tell me that Charlotte has 1 teeth currently being cut out of her lower gum and another from the back! That's the high level of care I am referring to! Even I, as the hands on mum, did not notice! My children are so well taken care of! Charlotte's awake and off we head home.

The children were so lovely. It was such a good decision to stick to the routine. We all (except Jared who is quarantined in the master bedroom) had a great time laughing, playing, tickling and cuddling.

4:10pm. The children displayed signs of hunger. Daniel drank half of his milk and Charlotte drank 300ml! Oh wow! She must have been very hungry. A bit more play on the floor and 4:55pm, they are on their high chair having their main meal. Daniel scoffs down a container of home-made Shepherd's Pie meant for 2 babies and Charlotte, like yesterday, showed no interest in cooked food. Then I remembered what the carer told me about her teeth coming through and immediately brought out cold cut fruit of watermelon, pears, kiwi fruit and blueberries. Finally, we made a connection! She loves them and kept chomping on them!

5:30pm and it is bath-time. One baby at a time. Daniel first in the laundry tub. Charlotte sits next to me with a biscuit in her hand, to keep her occupied while I concentrate on Daniel. After he's done, I walk into their room with Charlotte following us. He's dried and changed and plonked on his lounge with his book in the Media Room. The same is repeated with Charlotte.

My kids are simply, wonderful. They will sit on their lounge and wait for the other twin to finish their bath and change time with me.

Then they will sit in their own lounges with their books and amuse each other.

It's magical and wonderful having twins. They make me so proud and remind me how very bless I am.

We sit down together to read, watch 'Giggle & Hoot' on ABC for Kids channel, drink water and wind down to bed-time.

I take each of them into their respective beds, kiss them good night and shut the door behind me.

They are the best kids, for me. God has chosen well. On days like these, it makes me realise once again, what is most important in my life. My family. Now, I can finally see why it took us 5 agonising years to create this family. It has gifted me with deep resilience and deep appreciation for the miracle of life!

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