Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A nightly 'battle' so far...

It has been a nightly battle for the last month when it comes to dinner time for the twins. They used to eat everything up without any fuss and cooking for them was such a joy. Now, it is frustrating and stressful to state the least.

As I have always associated food with growth and development, it worries me that they are not getting the "right amount" of nutritional requirements each day. So many supportive mothers have assured me that "it happens" and to not worry myself silly over this because children will eat as much as they want. If they don't, they are simply not hungry.

The information from "expert sources" reinforces the importance of giving children a varied diet so that they try everything, absorb nutrients and will not be fussy eaters! Information is vital and when there is too much information especially when it does not work the way it should, I suppose common sense has to prevail.

Afterall, they continue to go to bed at 6:30pm every night and sleep through most nights till 6:20am. They sure do not look like they are starving?!

I must learn not to sweat the small stuff and look at the big picture. They are healthy and happy babies. So what if they have to eat scrambled eggs and sandwiches (with different filling each night) for the rest of the week? Perhaps all they want is just a bowl of yoghurt and fruit?

I must stop over-thinking this and just enjoy my gorgeous little cherubs. Yes, mummy is a silly sausage ....

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