Sunday, March 11, 2012

Professional Development

In comparison to the number of times I have undertaken PD to further my career, I have certainly been gifted my fair share of PD in the past 10.5 months and it keeps coming.

Prior to the births of Charlotte and Daniel, I spent many months going through the theory of raising twin babies and most of which could not prepare me adequately for the practical. It's like a roller coaster ride except I don't think I will ever get off and choose not to because it's the best ride I've ever taken. Mummyhood.

There are good moments and not so good moments in a single day. I learnt every quickly what it really means 'to take the good and the not so good'.

I never knew...

I can recover from a caesarean so quickly (12 hours). I wanted to see them lying in ther cots & marvel at their miraculous births, bend down to kiss their foreheads, touch their soft delicate skins, smell their newness & uniqueness and nurture them in the way nature intended it to be.

I can survive on mini naps and still be standing vertically after only having 2 hours sleep in a 24 hour cycle. This went on for 6 weeks. If you are not a parent yet, you have no idea the true definition of sleep deprivation.

I can breastfeed both babies at the same time for 45 minutes each feed. I only did this for 6 weeks because something had to give when I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression (was given the all clear when the babies were 6 months young).

I can change 24 nappies, prepare, wash & sterilise 16 feeding bottles, feed my children every 3 hours, spend 30-45 mins burping them at the end of each feed in a 24 hour day.

I am able to expertly administer the dropper that comes with baby panadol, put eye drops in the eyes of my children and rub ever so delicately and accurately on gums that constantly ache from teething.

I can comfort my children by cuddling them and making shh...shh noises.

I will wake up at 5:15am to get ready for work 4 days a week so that I am able to pick the children up before 3pm because I choose not to have them in care for longer than 6 hours each day.

I can take my children shopping with me for 5 hours. Wow.

I have so many supportive mummy friends who keep me sane and encouraged. To them, I am forever grateful.

My media room is now also the play room for the children and the remote control is their favourite toy!

The thrill and pride when I saw Charlotte crawl for the first time!

Seeing my children clap their hands on their own accord would make me this happy!

Cooking for them with nutritional requirements in mind can be this tough!
My waking hours are consumed by their needs and my desire to fulfill every single one of them.

Two little people who can barely speak, walk and look after themselves have this much 'power' over me!

The list goes on and on...

The learning continues every single waking moment of my day. Some of which I have yet mastered, others I have learnt and there are so many more I have yet experienced all in the name of parenthood. The ride has barely begun.

Bring in on...ask me again on a not-so-good day ok? Hahahah

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