Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tale of Two {Crying & Screaming} Babies

"What do you do when both babies cry at the same time?" is one of the questions I am regularly asked. "I pick up the child that cries the loudest first" is my reply.

Our usual uninterrupted sleep has been replaced with interrupted sleep since Sunday night. Started with Daniel being more clingy than usual and Charlotte being very distress from the discomfort associated with yes-you-said-it, teething. This afternoon, this reached its pinnacle during their post lunch nap (it's Wednesday and my supposed non-work day).

They were in their 35th minute (I know this to be true because I was tackling corporate work from my home office and was keeping tabs on my time) when both babies belted out ear piercing cries and screams at the same time like synchronised swimming. It is bamboozaling (if such a word exists), to state the least.

I was on my own. Jared was at work.

Into their nursery I enter, both very distressed. I picked Charlotte up first because I know she is teething and assumed that Daniel was distressed because he was interrupted of his sweet slumber. It was very stressful and the volume of strained cries and screams prevented me from thinking straight. Geez.

I snapped myself out of panic and placed each child gently down on their play mat (facing their mirrored wardrobe) in their air-conditioned nursery. Their reflections on the mirror usually does the trick - it is the distraction. However, it did not work today. One child would calm down slightly and then out of nowhere, starts to scream and this sets off the other child. A chain reaction. Geez.

This is not working. What do I do? My brain decided that a change of scenary may do the trick moreover the midwife is at the Pharmacy today. As I can no longer carry both babies at the same time, I carry Daniel and beckoned Charlotte to follow by crawling (which she complies most of the time and not this time). Here I am, walking very quickly with Daniel in my arms towards the garage, into the car, strapped him in and all the while, Charlotte is howling her head off! Once Daniel was in, I went back for Charlotte. All three of us are strapped in the car and I drive away.

Silence in the car. Geez. "Should I just go for a long drive instead of my original plan of seeing the midwife?" Instincts kick in. Stick to the original plan.

Into the twin pram they went. Off to the pharmacy. All is quiet and calm.

Explained to the midwife about their out of sorts behaviour. She checks them out and yes, both teething and no temperature. She advised for them to be seen by GP to rule out any 'nasties' since they are usually very content and sleep through the night type of babies.

Into the medical centre I go for the second time in 3 days. I apologised for not ringing to make an appointment and they were very kind to us. We were put on the list straight away and seen by our family GP within 15 minutes! WOW! Thank God.

I learn that Charlotte has sore throat in addition to cutting two teeth. Oh. Treatment? Liquid Baby Panadol 4 times a week for 2 days. Okay and of course, teething gel too, again. For both of them.

Before bed time tonight, that is exactly what we did. Gave them baby panadol and teething gel. They have been asleep since 6:30pm. Let's hope they will sleep through the night...I need my sleep and have to be up by 5:15am tomorrow to get ready to step into my corporate role :-).

My darling little cherubs. I love you so much. Please be kind to mummy and daddy tonight.

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