Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Wednesday} Date with my 11 month young babies

It was {finally} a beautiful clear Autumn's day and no indoor shopping centres planned today! YAY! We're heading out to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Both children slept in till after 7am {wow!}, they drank all 220ml of milk each and ate a few breakfast choices - weetbix with milk & greek yoghurt {Daniel ate it all}, grapes and cubes of cheese {Charlotte preferred these}. All of us got changed and were out of the home by 8:25am.

We as in Kate (my good friend) and I decided on Bulimba. A leafy green riverside suburb aboout 5km from home. It has lovely cafes, restaurants, quaint shops and the big draw card? A very kid friendly playground!
We decided to have breakfast and caffeine at Riverbend Books, an independent bookshop and teahouse. The Teahouse part of the business is undercover, menu absolutely drool worthy, high chairs for children, etc. The children had a wonderful time of playing, chatting, exploring with the bits and pieces on the table, well-chosen toys broughts from home and fed by both Kate and I from time to time!

The early years are so precious and I am so appreciative of the life I have been gifted with as it enables me to juggle career and mummyhood - what an honor!

Charlotte and Daniel enjoying themselves

Doesn't their Big Breakfast look sooo good?

The girls - Claudia and Charlotte
After our delicious breakfasts and coffees, we strapped all the children back into their prams and checked out a few quaint shops filled with stylish gifts and of course, baby items. Charlotte and Daniel decided that this was the perfect time to nap and that they did. I am lucky to have babies who still nap in their prams as this enables me to take them out with me for a substantial amount of time.

Yes, we kept our promise of play time at the Bulimba Play area. It's surrounded by huge trees that provides wonderful shade. There were mothers and children having a great time. Next time, we must bring a picnic blanket!

Daniel who cannot crawl (yet) loves to stand. This one is a mirrored sun flower.

Charlotte loves toys that enables us to balance!
We checked out a few more shops after this and went our separate way. I decided to make a detour on the way home to our local shopping centre because of the once a week free baby clinic.

With my concerns with their lack of interest in food, I thought best to get them weighed to see if they have stopped growing - AS IF! hahahah...I know I am a silly sausage! Must be my Asian upbring. Eat Food = Good. Don't Eat Food = Bad.
When we arrived, the midwife who manages the free clinic was away for lunch so the kids and I went to Gloria Jeans. Since it was already 12 noon and lunch time for the kids, I took out the bento box with 4 compartments which I had prepared from home. In the box were:
  • 10 strawberries, sliced into quarters
  • 10 Red grapes, sliced into half
  • 1 kiwi fruit, sliced into quarters
  • Sandwiches with two fillings -
    creamed cheese & vegemite and creamed cheese & peanut butter
They ate everything up and there were a few pieces of grapes left. Ahhh...what a relief!

Daniel loves sandwiches and eats them so well

Charlotte enjoys feeding herself and she does a great job at that too!

After their hearty lunch and me being a very happy & relief mummy, we went to the free baby clinic where they were the centre of attention, as always. It makes me very proud.

At 11 months and 1 week, Charlotte weighs 10kg and is 73cm tall. Daniel weighs 10.1kg and is 72.5am tall. Wow! Aren't they similar? Then reality dawned on me. My kids are almost half as tall as I am. I am this rate, they might be taller than me in Year One!

After this, we went home and I put them down for their afternoon nap. Instead of lying down and heading into la la land. They both kept talking, laughing and eventually, Daniel started screaming! I looked at the clock, 30 minutes had already pass and they ain't going to sleep. So out their came and into the Media room with me where they played happily.

3:00pm and we were out of the door for our 1 hour walk. Yes, predictably, they napped. C'est la vie! We concluded the walk with a play on the lawn of our local park. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Next thing we know, it's 4:30pm - time for milk which they drained all of. Then dinner. I reminded myself not to stress and offered the children the following:
  • Ham and creamed cheese sandwich
  • 8 strawberries cut into quarters
  • 1 kiwi fruit cut into quarters
  • Drink of water
They ate it all up. They were happy and I was happy. Off to bath-time they went and had a glorious time of splashing in our deep bath. Bed-time at 6:30pm and we didn't hear a peep out of them until 12 hours later.

It was another wonderful date with my cherubs.

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