Monday, April 16, 2012

Couple Time {Finally} and Family Time

When we were finally gifted with our little family of four, we had many 'dreams' and one of them is to never be 'too busy' in making memories with our children. Some days are very tough especially when we are all unwell, having to fulfill career obligations and household chores can prove to be rather stressful and exhausting, to state the least.

However like everyone, we just keep shouldering on. That's why our eyes are located on the front of our heads and not on the back so as to remind us to keep looking forward.

There's no denying that our marriage has changed and grown over the last 12 months. We are often in daddy and mummy mode as oppose to husband and wife mode. Even though our children sleep through the night from 6:30pm (touch wood), we are often too exhausted to do much except have dinner, watch something on telly and off to bed at 9pm.

~Couple Time~
We finally had good quality couple time on Saturday night because our couple friend offered to twin-sit! It was such a generous gift from them. To spend their Saturday night caring for my children! With very grateful hearts, we leapt at the opportunity!

Through recommendations of friends, we went to the Hamilton Hotel in Ascot for a hearty meal of steak, salad and chips. Now, this is no ordinary meal. It was simply melt-in-your-mouth goodness!


There are a few dinning options at this site and we chose full table service at Graziers Steakhouse Restaurant. I had Graziers Rib Fillet (Black Angus) 300 grams with creamy mushroom sauce and Jared had Graziers Eye Fillet 250 grams with red wine jus. The meals were washed down with beer and lemon, lime and bitters. It was hearty and oh so delicious!

After that we walked down Racecourse Road for dessert at Gelato Milany, another recommendation from a friend. It was a most perfect choice indeed! The menu was delectable and the array of gelato that greeted us in its pristine showcase made it all the harder for us to decide!

I chose Tiramisu (always) and Milany (Butterscotch and Condensed Milk flavour)...Oh my, what a decedent combination! Jared chose French Vanilla and Apple Pie - absolutely perfect! We got there at the right time of 8pm because while we tucked into our delicious gelato, lots of people showed up (obviously had just finished dinner and decided that dessert was next)! A perfect conclusion to a most wonderful night out!

Lesson Learnt: We have always spoken about a 'Date Night' and this experience has taught me the importance of having one ever so often. If not monthly, every few months would be nice. We must make this happen again.

~Family Time~

We woke up to another wet morning, it would seem that the weather was not going to let up and instead of staying indoors, we decided to go out after they had their morning nap. {Must be the wonderful 'US' time we had away from the kids that gave us the impertus to do more than just laze around}.

So where does one take a young family on a day like this? We chose:
  • The Gallery of Modern Art where we explored the various exhibits and had lunch at the Gallery cafe overlooking the Brisbane river which was relaxing and oh so lovely
  • The State Library of Queensland where we checked out a touching interactive display commemorating the floods of 2011 and 1974.
When the clouds decided to hold the rain, we walked across Queen Victoria Bridge into Brisbane City. By this stage, our children were blissfully napping after their lunch.
We had a lovely Sunday exploring the city and the children were very beautifully behaved. As long as they are willing to sit in their pram, I will be exploring with them strapped in.

I love my family.

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