Monday, April 2, 2012

It was beyond his control

You know him as my son.
His name is Daniel.

Yesterday, he {finally} crawled properly for the first time at 11 months 9 days young.

Today, he experienced a major poo-nami {biggest ever} while watching television on our Turkish Rug after breakfast. It went down his legs, he HAD to touch IT and he crawled all around the Turkish rug. 

I was at work and Daddy was having his shower.

Oh Oh.


  1. Typical!

    Be happy you are at work and need not clean it up!

    1. HAHAHA!

      I wish I were home to give Jared a hand though. He did an amazing job. Cleaned up. Bathed Daniel. Dropped them both off at Kindy. Rented professional cleaning equipment and did the entire house! What an amazing father and husband he is! :-)