Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sicknesses and Milestones

The past week has been varied and interesting.

Last Tuesday - The Phone Call
Started with the flu - kids and I. No surprises where they caught it from and no surprises whom I caught it from either. The kids looked alright and had no fever hence they were taken to Kindy while I saw the GP who presecribed me with antibiotics and bed rest.

At 4:00pm, their carer from Kindy rang to tell me that their condition had 'gone down hill'. I promptly got dressed, rang the GP who kindly 'squeezed' us in and rang Jared enroute to Kindy. The twins were in distress and looked absolutely awful. They howled in the car enroute to clinic where Jared met us.

They both have sore throats, runny noses and to top it off, ear infections! Oh dear. Yes, antibiotics too.

Last Wednesday - Great Helpers
Children were still distress and drifted on & off to nap throughout the day while I kept up with their fluids and gave them cold fruit jellies for their sore throats. I could see that their condition was improving by the hour. The cheeky twinkle in Charlotte's eyes returned and the dimples on Daniel showed themselves too.

I am so thankful for the assistance of two young friends - Jamie and Dylan, both 11 years old. They helped me with the children, put down for their naps so that I could rest a little myself and even helped me during the evening bath!Their Stay at Home Mummies have done a great job in nurturing them. They are outstanding!

Last Thursday - Milestones and Fun
Charlotte and Daniel have regained their appetites and also their cheekiness. What a relief! It was to be a most wonderful day in the life of us. Daniel, crawled properly for the first time! YEAH! We've been looking forward to this day and it has finally happened for him and for us. Most importantly, I was present!!!!

He followed Charlotte everywhere and she played the role of 'guide' very well. They both laughed and giggled throughout the day. Such delightful noises to my ears. Jared and I have been looking forward to this day for the last 11.5 months - watching them play and explore together AND most importantly, being each other's mate.

I love my twins and they are certainly, DOUBLE THE FUN!

Last Friday - More Fun
Good Friday Public Holiday. Yippee and Daddy's home!

Last Saturday - Team Work!
Now that they are both mobile, they also learnt very quickly that they can destroy anything by working together as a team. Yes, the fun and games have only just begun for us. Here we have Daniel picking the dried leaves off the arrangement, hands it over to Charlotte who promptly shreds it!
Last Sunday - Easter
As you know, I am a stickler when it comes to routines and nutrition for the twins. On this day, we bent the rules slightly and included chocolate before breakfast! Can you tell that they love it! :-)

Yesterday - Easter Monday Public Holiday
After their breakfast, we went across the road to our friends for a very heart Easter Breakfast. Perfect way to start the day I say! After that, we drove around completing a few errands. Got home at about noon - Daniel was fast asleep in car so transferred him onto rocker while I fed Charlotte her lunch and promptly put her down for a nap in their nursery at 12:30pm. Just as soon as she was asleep, Daniel wakes up! My oh my! Fed and played with him for a little bit and he basically amused himself while I dosed off & on the couch until Charlotte woke up at 2:30pm.

Here she is, my first born who loves to give me regular updates while playing with her brother. Check out that cheeky face! I love her to bits! She makes me laugh and reminds me of me! I have a chatterbox on my hands!
They continued playing nicely with each other until 4:00pm when they heard the garage door. Daddy's come home from the Aeroclub club. They both crawled towards the sliding door that separates our home from the garage and begins calling out for him in their baby language. This is the very first time they've done this and it is so heart-warming!

Daddy rewards them with more play, of course!
The day concluded perfectly with an invitation to friends (also across the road) for impromptu drinks and nibbles! Certainly a perfect end to an extended long weekend.

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