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The Teething Blues

Just when I thought it was tough caring for two toddlers while we are all sick, the teething blues kicked in. I now officially declare that the discomforts associated with teething far outweighs that of the common cold / flu.

Whinge, cry, babble, scream, whinge, cry, babble, scream...x2 (for the twins) x 12 (for the hours they are awake) x 2 (for the weekend) = a psychotic mummy desperately begging for mental solace (for me) and immediate comfort & prolong day napping (for them). Neither of those outcomes took place except the psychotic mummy bit.

It was downright horrible. Poor Charlotte and Daniel. They cannot help themselves from feeling the way they are despite the constant nurturing, the consumption of baby panadol every 4 hours, applications of SM33 on their gums, constant feeding of cold fruits (no wonder they ate 1kg of watermelon in one single day) and corn thins (half empty in one single day too).

I could not help myself either. I was screaming within myself and at the walls in my home. I was cursing at every non-living thing around the home because I had to vent. Yes I was on my own because Jared had to work the entire weekend. I had help from the teenagers across the road - even they too were baffled by their behaviour and I sent them home after 2 hours cause I was stress (not by the teenagers but by my children's constant whinging-crying-babbling-screaming). They were in my home long enough for me to have a shower, use the toilet and cook a big pot of curry for lunch, dinner on Sunday and dinner again on Monday night.

This is not the first time they have undergone teething. This is the second time and it is BAD. I have never seen my contented & happy toddlers turn into THAT! The teething process has been so long and slow for them.

At 12.5 months, Charlotte only has 2 bottom teeth. I have seen two tiny white dots on the inside lower gums and still they are not pushing through. Daniel has 1 bottom teeth and I can see another tiny white dot next to his teeth that is pushing through. Yes, so few teeth and yes, they can eat chunky food! It's quite amazing.

Before I go home today, I will buy more bottles of baby panadol, more tubes of SM33 and one thing that I am going to try is Amber Bead Necklaces (will be borrowing from neighbour). Yup, you read it right. I, the advocate of scientific drugs is going to try natural theraphy on my cherubs.

Many mothers stand by the calming and soothing effects of Amber Bead necklaces on their children and others think it's just smokes & mirrors. Either way, I am giving it a shot. What have I got to lose? If it works well on my cherubs, I will invest in them. Yes, you read it right. Invest. They ain't spare change...requires quite a few dollars and at this point, I will pay any price to have my contented & happy children back + uninterrupted restful nights again.

Murmurring chant to myself, "I can do this. I can do this. I am not alone. I can do this...Patience is a virtue."


  1. I was lucky I did not have a kid with teething problems, then again he barely had any! He had only 2 front tooth until he was over 2 years old! He had his first at 10 months but boy did that not stop him from eating!


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