Friday, April 13, 2012

Tick of Approval: Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping is not a new concept and I have resisted jumping on the band wagon in the past because:
  • my local supermarket is literally a one minute drive away from home
  • I like to see, touch and feel what I am buying
  • I like to know what's on special
All those factors listed above literally got thrown out of the window when I found myself incredibly irritable, tired and thoroughly unmotivated during my weekly grocery shopping either on Friday nights (after a long week) or on weekends when the crowds descends. Those are the only times I shop because the children are in bed or Jared is at home. Technically, those are the times when I "clock off" from being a career mummy and instead of kicking back, I am at the supermarket. Well, this is quite a common phenomenon - the supermarket becomes the social and relaxation outlet for many!

My good friend, M, reminded me about Online Grocery Shopping a few weeks ago. She does not do it but her neighbour does. My neighbour, J, across the road further fueled my interest when she shared with me that she used to rely on this service when her three daughters were young.

What have I got to lose right? Why not give it a try? If I don't like it after the first time, I can stop using it since there's no joining fee or obligation to continue for any period of time!

In Australia, there are only two big supermarket chains. Woolworths and Coles. I shall not bore you with my research and only share with you the reason why I went with Coles and not Woolworths. Delivery Fee. Woolworths charges $12 and Coles only $7. No brainer. I still get my 4 cents off fuel regardless of whom I shop with. Fantastic!

Earlier in the week, I bought my groceries online. It took me about 45 minutes because I was familiarising myself with their system of categorisation, taking the time to check out produce and prices, etc. I love the fact that throughout the shopping experience, I can see how much I am spending and at any point in time, I can add or delete items to suit my preference and budget of $180 (excluding jumbo boxes of nappies, cleaning products and toiletries)! The specials that are available in the store are also applicable online. It's great. On top of that, there are also so many options for delivery times and dates! WOW!

This week, I chose Thursday night from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Yes this took place last night. The delivery arrived at 7:50pm and the man was very professional & polite. He carried my groceries to my kitchen benchtop! Yes, I didn't even have to carry it into the home! YAY! I checked the items against the receipt and they were all accounted for. Now I wonder if all the fresh produce are fresh:
  • I checked the eggs in the carton and they were all in tact!
  • All the meat I purchased were all nicely packaged and looked fresh!
  • All the fruits were unblemished!
  • All the vegetables gleaming!
All in all, a very positive first experience with online grocery shopping and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Life is too short. There just ain't enough minutes in a day to cramp in another chore!

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  1. I have this service too! I call it my husband! :-)