Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 Best Things About Raising Twins

#1: Double the love, double the cuddles, double the kisses and double the laughs
Ain't that true? Especially these days as they are very mobile. They are constantly seeking me out for attention. I have two toddlers climbing and slobbering all over me. You would not be mistaken if you think I have 6 legs, 6 arms and 3 heads!

#2: They entertain each other
As much as they clamour for my attention, they also get to a point where they just want to be on their own - which is great! They love following each other around the home, in fact, they wait for each other and they love playing together + want to play with the same toy ALL THE TIME!

#3: People don't ask me when I am having another child
*Phew* I think people pretty much assume that my life is busy with twins and...they are right!

#4: I feel like a superstar everytime I go out
People in general are fascinated with twins and it has never bothered me to be stopped by strangers who are curious about mine including 'silly' questions like Are they Natural? My response - Do they look unnatural to you? hahahaha... In fact, I relish in the attention and wear it like a badge of honor!

#5: I get bulk discount!
Whenever I go to a proper baby shop (not just any retail store), the moment they see my twins, I get an automatic discount of up to 20%. The other wonderful thing is I get to buy formula for cost price direct from the manufacturer and all it took was a letter from their pediatrician! YAY!

#6: I get to do everything twice
Change nappies twice one after the other, feed them at the same time, clean them twice one after the other, give instructions twice one after another, put them down for their naps and bedtime at the same time, read the same book more than twice, etc. One becomes very proficient, very quickly. Just in case I didn't hear myself the first time or forgotten what I had said in the first time, I say it again.

#7: I get much more exercise than I use to
All my life, I have always put on weight. The moment I fell pregnant with twins, I lost weight! Now with juggling work and children, carrying two toddlers at once (that's over 22kgs for those who are counting), bending over the umpteen time to pick something that one  / both of them has / have thrown, the constant cleaning, tidying, hanging of washing, the chasing games, etc. WOW! I have never been so fit in my life!

#8: Watching them interact with each other
All they have to do is give each other a special look or a special touch and they will both be in fits of laughter! I still have not been able to crack their code and they ain't identical twins, by the way. Oh yes, they love mimicking each other too!

#9: They are always watching / observing
I have learnt to be more consistent with my parenting of them. I am conscious never to demonstrate / or seen to be showing favourtism of one child over the other because they know and let it be known!

#10: There's never a dull moment
Yup. NEVER. I wouldn't have it any other way. Mummyhood is such a priviledge.

My next blog post will be on "The 5 Most Horrible Things About Raising Twins". There's got to be a balance.

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