Thursday, May 24, 2012

5 Most Horrible Things About Raising Twins

The other day I posted my take on "10 Best Things About Raising Twins" and promised to follow that up with this blog entry to balance it up. Here goes:

#1: When one falls sick, the other follows suit.
It's bad enough to fall sick, let alone a young toddler who is unable to verbalise his / her source of discomfort. Now, multiply that by 2 and predictably, I fall sick too.

#2: Sleep Deprivation
One never quite sleeps peacefully since pregnancy because the mind literally has a mind of its own focussed on the well-being and needs of the little ones. I have to say that mine are pretty good most of the time and for a few weeks here and there (not that often), they will decide that the routine that has been working for ALL OF US no longer applies!

#3: When they cry, EVERYONE in the home STOPS and the heart pumps evens quicker!
There's nothing more UNsettling than to hear one howling baby / toddler / child, let alone two! It's loud, its desperate, it's earth-shattering, it's bamboozling, it's confusing, it's get the point! It's even worse when I am driving and there's nothing I can do except turn up the volume of the music in the hope that it drowns out their LOUDNESS!

#4: Double the paperwork
Oh dear...filling in forms is tiresome, let alone having to do it twice and that is if, I do not make any mistakes in the first place. Yup. PAINFUL.

#5: Monkey See, Monkey Do aka Copy Cat Syndrome
It's cute and heart-warming when they mimick each other for cutesie purposes BUT when it is not, it is downright awful coupled with tantrums on the floor - banging one's head - kicking legs, etc. What do I do? Keep an expressionless face (getting quite good at this), sit close to them (to ensure they do not hurt / harm themselves) and wait. Yes, wait. Within 15s, they are back to their happy selves. Tantrums are not tolerated.

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