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Children, Pre-Packaged Food and OLIVES!

Daniel has certainly come out of his shell and is such a cheeky & happy toddler. He loves exploring on his own / with his sister / with his friends at kindy. In summary, a real pleasure to be around. Charlotte who was my happy and contented child (for the longest time) has become grumpy and clingy, more often. This behaviour certainly tests me and when she is calm and happy, I always give her a long cuddle (for as long as she likes) and tell her how much I love her.

The teething woes? Well, Daniel got over that within days and now sports another white tooth on the bottom. Charlotte (who is grumpy and clingy) has no signs of any new white teeth! Who knows...

I am hoping that this grumpy and clingy side of Charlotte will 'move on' soon and that it is not permanent!

Dinner time can be challenging on most days and I adapt according to 'signs' from them. If they show signs of being hungry (earlier than their dinner time of 4:30pm), I feed them right away wherever we are, even in the park during our afternoon walks. Hungry Children = VERY grumpy children. Not good. Other days they are not as hungry and trust me when I type this, I am no longer as obsessive about what they have and how much they have. They will always have a main meal of protein-carbs-vegetables / cream cheese and vegemite sandwich / baked beans (when they are really fussy and don't seem to like what is on offer) and this is followed by 2 or 3 different fruits or snacks such as cheese and crackers.

Pre-Packaged Food
With convenience and variety in mind, I started trying the children on pre-packaged baby food just one or two meals a week especially when they seem fussy or when I am really tired and know that they will eat if I offer them this, etc etc. Here's what they have been enjoying this week:


Even I love the taste and smell of the whole foods in these pouches. It's exactly the same consistency I offer the children when I cook for them. I can see whole pieces of pasta, meat and vegetables! What a delight! The bonus? The children love it at room temperature! I don't even have to heat it up in a microwave! YAY! Mega convenience! I will certainly be trying others in the 'Flavours of the World Range' from Rafferty's Garden. These delicious pre-packaged foods will most certainly be relied on when I am out and about with them - no cleaning / no heating!

Yes, still on the topic of food and eating.

In recent days, I have noticed that Charlotte takes keen interest in what I eat. If I am eating it, she wants it too. Quite often, this is the strategy I employ when she is fussy. Anyhow, last night, I sat on the floor with my dinner of spaghetti with spicy salsa (tomatoes, onions, capsicums, etc) topped with pitted Greek Kalamata Olives.

She was blissfully playing with her brother until she saw me eat and yes, she knelt right in front of me, smacking her lips and said, "Ma Ma". How can I refuse? I broke off a little spaghetti which had a little spicy sauce on it (thinking: She won't like this and will let me enjoy my dinner) and placed it in her mouth. SHE LOVED IT. I broke off a longer length of spaghetti and this time added some capsicum along with the spicy sauce (thinking: this should turn her off). I was wrong. She asked for more. I then gave her the full length spaghetti which she slurped into her mouth, all on her own! WOW! Then I gave her an olive (thinking: surely, she won't like this trong tasting food)...I was wrong again, she loved it.

I suppose the lesson I learnt last night from sharing a small portion of my dinner with Charlotte is that, she is ready for new flavours. Bold flavours in fact. Okie dokie...I know what they will be having for dinner tonight -  Mild Butter Chicken.

In fact, they love their butter chicken when offered by their chef at kindy so I must get the recipe off her and make it myself!

I think the days of rissoto with chicken and vegetables are over. For now, at least.