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Light Bulb Moment

Yesterday afternoon was the perfect pick-me-up for me. I desperately needed one and it came in the form of my children.

They were at kindy and struggled to go down for their afternoon nap. Their teachers persisted and rocked them to sleep (they have never been rocked to sleep and yesterday was one of those special times when it was absolutely necessary). They finally napped at 3pm and I was there at 3:45pm when they woke up with the milk. They drank it with gusto and rewarded me with smiles and cuddles.

After that, we had a most lovely and uplifting afternoon-evening at home. We played, tickled, laughed, babbled and they both ate their dinner very well for me too. What more could a mother ask for when her children are in so much discomfort?

Jared came home as quickly as he possibly could from work and we bathed the children together. They had a splendid time splashing each other and playing with all their new bath toys gifted for their 1st birthday. They then drained another bottle of milk, we applied gum gels, gave them pain management medication and off to bed they went at 6:30pm. Wow! That was exactly what we needed as parents. To remind us of the wonderful times we have as a family so that it sustains us for the rough times at present.

Daniel woke up at 12:30am and needed to be comforted until 1:30am when he was put back to bed. Charlotte woke up at 3:30pm and needed to be comforted till 5:20am when it was time for my shower to get ready for work. During those two separate occassions, I realised how much they need me. I knew they need me but never truely understood the enormity of my role in their young lives. There and then instead of being grumpy (which is one of my trademarks associated with sleep deprivation), I made the decision to be happy, grateful and enjoy the special one-on-one time with each of them.

I am happy
because my loved ones are all under the same roof with me each night.

I am grateful
because my loved ones are healthy and are at home.

I enjoy the special one-on-one time
because they are rare when you have multiples and very soon, in a few years time, they may not want to be cuddled often.

They are still very young and need their mumma. There are just some things that mummas have over papas. We give the best-est and deep-est cuddles. In a few years time, they will want their papas for other things. For now, it is me. I will relish this special moment because they do grow up very quickly and next thing I know, it will just be Jared and I.

Charlotte and Daniel, 2 days young at the Mater Mothers Private Hospital

Charlotte and Daniel, 12 months young at home
This video made me tear a little and is such a timely reminder of how quickly children grow up. We only have them exclusively for a few short years. We are still the apple of their eyes as much as they are ours. We are their heros and heroines as much as they too, are ours. They chose me as their mummy and I shall not let them down.