Thursday, May 3, 2012

Phone call, Vaccinations, Yum Cha and Poo-namis

Every Wednesday is different and yesterday was no exception.

Phone Call
Started with a phone conversation with my distraught mummy in Singapore about my ailing maternal grandmother (por por) who seems to have lost all motivation to live. My poor mummy. She loves her mummy so much and it hurts & saddens her that por por's condition has taken a dive. Por Por and I share a very special relationship because she took care of me from newborn - 6 years of age while my mum and dad were at work. I have many wonderful memories growing up under her watchful eyes and dedication. I told mum that if the inevitable takes place, I will be in Singapore to support her.

Vaccinations and they are as tall as me when ...
they are stacked one on top of the other! Charlotte is 77cm and Daniel is 79cm! They have maintained the same weight and now I know where all that ravenous eating have gone towards ... their heights!

Charlotte and Daniel had their 12th month vaccinations. Three injections each. One on both arms and one on the leg. Poor babies. They were so brave though and only cried for a minute max. I am so proud of them and yes, the only time they stopped crawling and stopped wanting to jump out of our arms were when they were crying from the discomfort of the injections. Yes, my toddlers are on the move and they love it.

Food comforts, temporarily
After all that, I decided to take the kids with me to Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre to have Yum Cha (or Dim Sum) as I have heard good reviews from friends. I ordered lean pork & century egg porridge, har gow (prawn dumpling), chee cheong fun with prawn (rice noodles stuffed with prawns) and siew mai (minced pork and prawn dumpling). Those are my favourites and decided to share them with the kids. It was a good decision because they loved it and kept demanding for more! YAY! They enjoyed everything! WOW! More Yum Chas to come!
Look at those mouths! Wanting more!
Peaceful Afternoon
We only spent 2 hours walking the shops while they took their hour long nap as I was feeling the after effects of interrupted sleep from the last week - exhaustion! They played so well together when we got home which afforded me the opportunity to do a few household chores and even catch up with a friend who came by for a cuppa. On the whole, a very nice afternoon. They did not fuss, drained their milk, had a hearty dinner of pan-fried beef with pork and vegetables + rissoto of salmon and vegetables. This was followed by major poo-nami from the both of them just before bath time (thank goodness!). Fun and games, I tell ya! Double the fun and certainly double the work!

Peaceful Evening
They went to bed as per their usual time of 6:45pm and fussed in their cots till 7:15pm when they gave in and fell asleep. I went to bed at 7:30pm and woke up a few times from my own coughing and that of the children's BUT i never had to get out of bed! What a bonus! Next thing I know, it was 5:20am! YAY! First night in a week I didn't have to get out of bed before the alarm went...please let this continue.

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