Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekends are made for Walking + Bubble Machine!

It would appear that Autumn has ditched us for Winter as we were rugged up (finally) for the entire weekend. Despite the cold, my date with the cherubs remained in tact. Like me, they thrive in the cooler weather (did not hear any complaints from them).

Saturday at 7:30am
After their hearty breakfast, we left the warmth of home and pounded the pavements around the suburb. The air was crisp and clean, the sun desperately trying to make an appearence and there was hardly anyone around so it was very peaceful for the three of us. I choose a route that would take us along flat pathways and also hilly ones too. All up, 10km and under 2 hours. Bear in mind I was pushing a 15kg stroller filled with 22kg worth of toddlers, 1 litre of milk (had to duck into the local supermarket), extra blankets to keep them warm, etc. It was a delightful morning date with Charlotte and Daniel as they took in the different sights and sounds + enjoyed their morning nap while I too enjoyed my peace and quiet.

Daddy Surprises the Kids with...A Bubble Machine
While the children had their afternoon nap and I, the peace and quiet, Jared went out to run a few errands and came back with a surprise for the children. A bubble machine! WOW! What a wonderful gift for them! They loved it and the bubbles reflect the myriad of colours of our surroundings - it was so beautiful.

Sunday at 9:30am
It was the coldest morning so far. 6C, to be exact and the cherubs decided that they need their cuddles at 4am. Right. Too cold to practice controlled crying so we brought them into bed with us. Our Queen size bed just ain't big enough to accommodate us including the cat so Jared sacrified his spot. Our children, fur child and I slept in till 6:45am. WOW! That's a record.

Despite it being sooo cold, we decided that it was also a good day to go to the Aeroclub where Daddy indulges in his hobby of radio control model helicopters. Also, there's a lovely park right next to it. Off we go in 2 cars.

The children have never worn so many layers in their short life, so far. Three layers to be exact. Just as well, I bought enough for winter! hahahaha...those who say that Brisbane does not get cold. Think again. Even I, who thrives in cooler weather, was seen wearing my ski jacket!

We all said our hellos to daddy's friends before I pounded the walking trail of the park. In this particular park, there's a lake and it takes me 15 - 20 mins to walk around the lake. I did about 3 laps as the cherubs were once again, yes, had their morning nap on the walk. Yes, it was very peaceful. I love it.

How To Really Love A Child
I love this. Some days / weeks / moments in a day are tougher than the rest and I always remind myself of the following. I may not be in the 'mood' to do them all and two aspects that I practice multiple times a day with them are:
  • Be there
  • Express your love
Above all, I believe that:

  • Children are miraculous

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