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Charlotte and Daniel's new game

"Screech..." goes the dinning chair across the floor. "Ahhhhhh..." as one twin calls out to the other to get out of the way. What are they doing? Moving dinning chairs around the kitchen / family room. They have not yet mastered the art of walking and have certainly mastered the art of team work and using our furniture as walking practice.

I have had to restrain myself from laughing because when two toddlers are engaged in the same activity, accidental accidents do take place. As much as I act nonchalent, the eyes at the back of my head (yes I have grown a pair there) are watching intently and from time to time, I will issue "Stop!" when a toddler is about to find him / herself stuck or squashed between a wall and another piece of furniture. You get the point. Never a dull moment.

They love following each other around the home and as such find different ways of destroying books that aren't made to withstand robust, in a flash!

Ahhh...the joys of toddlers and we've only just begun.