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Developmental Update: (soon to be) 14 month young twin toddlers

Here are my little owls still in their flannel PJs and sleeping bags topped with their owl beanies. Yes, it does get cold (winter) in the morning here in Brisbane, the capital city of the Sunshine State of Australia.

My twins will soon turn 14 months young in about 7 days time and continue to keep me on my toes. I know they will do that to me, for the rest of my living years because it is in their 'job description'! LOL.

Ok, back to the antics / developmental updates ...

They reject my home-cooked food made with a lot of love!
Dinner time became a pain for me again about 2 late afternoons ago when they both kept turning their heads away from me. Despite singing songs and making them laugh (which usually works), they kept up with the rejection of my food!

Like any good parent who does not want to send their children to bed hungry and also as we all know, hungry children do not sleep through the night (!!!), I sought after my emergency food pouches in the pantry for toddlers. Yes, Rafferty's Garden came to my rescue. I have tasted the food and it is quite yummy!

They followed my every move: To the pantry - opening the double doors - reaching out 2 food pouches - tearing the tops - popping them in the microwave for 20s - opening the door of the microwave - sticking a spoon in the pouch - sitting in front of them... they opened their mouths WIDE OPEN!

I had to refrain from laughing at the sheer rejection of my home-cooked food and their obvious interest in convenience toddler food out of a pouch! Not only did they not have 2 full pouches, they even ate an extra 3rd pouch between the both of them and went on to have their fruit jelly, fresh fruit pieces and crackers! Yes, none of those home-made either! LOL

Daniel continues to demonstrate his sense of justice!
Daniel is fondly known for his placid nature. He is a very contended little boy who likes to observe everything around him and when he is focussed on someone or something, he is focussed! Of late, we have also noticed that he's developing a strong sense of justice! Having another (twin) sibling around all the time has no doubt taught him that he needs to be assertive if not, she will always get her way.

The photo above has makes me smile because he's telling her "No!" without words. Can you see the intensity of his stare down? I sure can and I love it especially when used in the right context. In this case, he was enjoying his cracker and Charlotte stole it from him. He snatched it back and she tried again. He took it back straight away. She pretended to cry and he saw through her act - he stared down at her as if to say, "This is mine!"

I love him.

Charlotte Walks!
This is such a major development and she waited till I got home from my business trip to show off! Wow! We are so proud of her. Considering both her parents only walked at 17 months, she's certainly more clever than us and we love it.

With this new development, I have also been offering her my hand consistently when I want her to be somewhere else with me like to the bathrom for bath-time, to the nursery to be changed, etc. She takes my hand willingly and seems to enjoy it.

I do this because I love holding her hand and Daniel's BUT more crucially is when she is fully mobile and if we are in a public place like a park or close to a road, I want her to understand the command "Let's Hold Hands". Best to start the learning at home, I say!

To Sum it All Up, for now
Parenthood is the single toughest, humbling, frustrating and heart-warming role. Every child is different and it is fascinating watching twins develop at their own pace - they are afterall, individuals and a reflection of us as parents as well.