Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Free" of Husband and Twins for 3 days

It was the first of three business trips planned for the calendar year and it took place from last Wednesday to Friday.

Leading up to the trip, I felt no guit, no anxiety and only calmness. I suppose I had close to 5 months getting used to the working mummy's routine, have reliable childcare which the children are very happy in and a husband who is very capable of caring for himself & the children more than adequately.

Again, I have to say that it is no mean feat caring for two active toddlers by oneself especially during the 'witching hours' of 4pm to 6pm and I greatly appreciate him for being supportive on all levels.

Granted, this business trip was in my own home city of Brisbane. I was managing our showcase event of the year for the company and as usual, there were meetings upon meetings (all necessary) leading up and other bits and pieces that tied everything together. As per previous years, I would also stay in-house at the hotel because I am technically 'on call'.

This would have been my 8th showcase event for the company (last year, I was on extended maternity leave) and I have to admit that this event has been a personal professional high for me.

The delegate numbers were up, the conference committee was fantastic to work with, the office team which supported me was loyal and committed, etc.

I felt in control and very calm. I think I have finally embraced not sweating the small stuff. Wow! That was certainly an AH-HA moment for me!

On the same token, I also believe that having a robust and young family has also put many things into perspective for me and they have taught me new skills about coping, resilience, multi-tasking to a very fine art, etc.

To my family and especially my husband, this one's for you. Thank you for loving and supporting me on so many levels. You have enabled me to live my dream. Of having the balance (kinda) of work and life.

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