Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{Sharing is Caring} Immune Booster for Kids!

This is one of my life savers for the twins. Immune Booster for Kids from Inner Health. No, this is not a paid advertorial hence this is my view based solely on my experience.

In order for children to build immunity, they will be unwell from time to time. This is an oxymoron and can be a bitch!

My children have certainly have had their fair share of being unwell ever since they entered kindy at 9 months of age. They've had countless colds, coughs, sore throats, 1 count of ear infection & conjunctivities for Charlotte and 2 counts of ear infections & conjunctivities for Daniel.

There's nothing much doctors / parents / carers can do for a young child (under the age of 2) for the common cold, coughs and sore throats except to encourage them to have more fluids, to administer baby panadol / nurofen for kids if the fever decides to visit them and when they just need a little more comfort which enables them to sleep better through the night so that they recover just that tat quicker. I so need to buy shares in those companies!

Eye infections and conjunctivities are a totally different matter altogether. Antibiotics will be given and we know what that does. It kills not just the bad and also the good in their little bodies.

I started giving the twins Immune Booster whenever they were unwell (only) in the bid to re-built their immunity and once they were well, I would stop. However, I changed this  two months ago by giving it to them daily based on recommendation from my local trusted pharmacist and also common sense - one cannot overdose on immunity!

I add 1/2 tsp of this powder to each of their breakfast milk and that's all they need for the day! How easy and fantastic! The twins can't even taste the difference - what a bonus!

The twins are no longer "sick" with the cold / cough every fortnight or so. In fact, they recovered from "sickness" within 5 days. In the two months, they've only been sick for 5 days. Now, that is a vast improvement! WOW! This stuff works and if your child is poorly due to kindy or school, try it.

This is great for kids from 3 months to 12 years old. I am sold!

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