Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wet Weather Plan Went Very Well

Yes it is winter here in Brisbane, No, it is not typically like that and Yes, my laundry room resembles a Chinese Laundramat.

So, what does two mummies with 3 active young toddlers do on a day like this besides go to a mall which will most likely be jam packed full of parents and children since it is afterall, the school holidays? Not appealing at all.

Jared came up with a great idea! Split our day between both our homes. Conveniently, we live across the road from each other - we don't even have to drive! Now, that is absolutely perfect. Off to amigo's in the morning for lots of play, morning tea and lunch. Amigo comes over to ours for lots of play, afternoon tea, dinner and also bath time!

At Amigo's

Here you have it. Play time. Yes, they do make a mess and enjoy doing so too! They play on their own, they play together, they share when they feel like it and don't when they don't feel like get the point.

What about us, mummies? We are always where they are and they are also always where we are. If one gets a cuddle, the others want a cuddle too. Therefore, we are constantly being abundantly loved by the children.

The same format  as you would have read earlier in this post is replicated at ours. It's REALLY quite wonderful and fills me with much happiness & love to see all three of them grow up together. They have all matured in the way they socialise with each other and it is simply delightful!

The 3 amigos. They are so lucky to have each other to grow up with. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend too.

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