Thursday, July 12, 2012

1st Overseas Family Holiday - CHECKED!

Yesterday, we secured our air tickets for our first overseas family holiday over the Christmas and New Year period. We will be away for 3 weeks!

Traveling anywhere out of Australia (with the exception of New Zealand) can be rather pricey most of the year. However, the peak seasons of school holidays - christmas - new year takes the "pricey" term to a whole new level.

There are 4 major airlines (Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Emirates and Ethihad) that flies directly to Singapore from Brisbane. We don't mind flying budget airlines, domestically BUT draw the line with international routes.

We kept changing our dates to work out the "best value" airfare for this time of the year and hence it took us awhile to sort this all out. Here are the online fares (including taxes and surcharges) for your curiosity and I shall start with the most to the least expensive:

Qantas A$4,300 / Singapore Airlines A$3,400 
 Ethihad A$3,300 / Emirates A$2,296

No guesses which one we picked. Emirates, of course. We did our research online and rang our local travel agent who beat the price and also waived the 1.8% credit card surcharge! Yippee! I love supporting local businesses.

Things to do in the next few months
  • Fill in the forms for Australian Passports for the twins
  • Get passport photos for the twins (oh dear! hahahah)
  • Research and purchase 2 single umbrella strollers (easier to travel and transfer)
  • Contact rental baby furniture company to secure 2 cots and 2 high chairs


  1. I just booked mine with Emirates too! Didn't recommend it to you because it's a 2am departure, and back at midnight - I recall you wanted to travel in the day time?

    1. Yes all that original plan went out of the window when it came down to price. It's just not meant to be. However, I think the 'wee hours' flight might be to our favour :-)