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Delightful 15th Month!

Charlotte and Daniel are 15 months young and that means, I have been a mummy for 24 months (2 years)! Wow! As cliche as it is, time flies when you [we] are having fun!

We have a hard cover photo album at home which documents their lives thus far and it is such a wonderful collection / reminder of their physical growths and developments in all areas. Hopefully, I will have the energy and time to keep up with this blog so that this space may serve as a reflection of my journey as a mummy and perspectives on raising my two gorgeous children.

Mummyhood is the single most fulfilling and most challenging role I have ever taken on. This will be the case for the rest of my life. They are my endless loves.

I love being a mummy.
I love that I have been entrusted with two precious lives.
I love Charlotte and Daniel with all my heart-soul-mind.
I love knowing & feeling that they love me too.

There are certainly no more dull moments in my life and I love that.

Happy 15th Month, Charlotte and Daniel! We love you so much. xx