Thursday, July 5, 2012

Double the Fun!

Recently, they have taken a very keen liking to our couches in the family and media rooms. They have yet mastered the art of climbing up couches so they will hit the couches with their hands enthusiastically as if to say, "up please!" Yes, I let them up and have their fun!

They will tickle, hit, laugh, scream, squeal, roll, crash into each other the entire time while I stand on the edge of the couch watching everything unfold with amusement and frequent calls of "gentle!", "get off your brother!", "get off your sister!", "don't pull hair!", etc. You get the point.

So this is what having a sibling means, during play time that is. Being an only child, I never had a close companion by my side and in recent weeks, I see the wisdom of having more than one child.

The fun, enthusiasm, fights, mateship, love, arguments, tantrums, impatience, observations, cuddles, play, discoveries, giving her brother his dummy when it falls from his mouth, taking his sister's dummy out of her mouth because it is fun, etc. WOW! It's wonderful being a toddler and also frustrating at the same time when both vie for the attention of one parent (sibling jealously).

Their boundless energies are infectious and exhausting, for me that is.

Their passion for learning and discovery of the different environments around them has opened my eyes & mind to possibilities. Seeing the world through their eyes is amazing.

Their acknowledgement and love for each other, absolutely heart-warming and thoroughly worth double the trouble!

Yes, I am a mother of multiples and I LOVE IT!

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