Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grumpy, First Shoes, Sleep Deprivation

There's no sugar coating what took place in the last 24 hours except to state the plain obvious.

Charlotte woke up really early - 5:15am, to be exact. I think anytime before 6am is simply uncivilised however, there's no telling a toddler that. On the same token, she had slept for 11 hours straight. Really, I cannot complain.

The children are usually quite content however I knew something was amiss as they were grumpy, listless and unsettled. Oh yes, I also changed 8 dirty nappies too. Alarm bells rang in my brain...blardy teething!

In hindsight, it would have been 'easier' if I stayed home the entire day with them. However,  that's also very challenging when you have two active toddlers who are unhappy. I have learnt from past experiences that it's best to take them out - change of scene = distraction for them = distraction for mum. However temporary that maybe.

We left home at 8:15am to Carindale Shopping Centre and THE HIGHTLIGHT from a mostly awful day is...Daniel's first pair of shoes! Though he's not walking yet, he cruises very well and we love spending afternoons at our local park. He was such a good boy while his feet were being measured and fitted. It was a very pleasurable experience!

The kids were mostly subdued during the two hours we were at the shops - dozing off and on, which again, is rather uncharacteristic of them. I knew in my gut that the day just ain't going to be as 'easy'.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur - trying to get them down for their afternoon nap. They cried for 30 minutes in their cots before fnally giving in. I had my brief mental and physical break from them...I could go on and on but I will not because the 'worse' had yet occured.

Fast forward, dinner and bath time. All took place in a relatively civilised manner. They went down for bedtime at 6:20pm without much fuss and I thought it would stay that way until the next morning because my head was throbbing from the constant worry and stress of dealing with toddlers.

I fell into a heap on the bed at 9:30pm only to be awoken by a piercing scream from Charlotte at 10:45pm. CRAP. Usually, we'd leave her to cry because she self-settles and goes back to sleep. This cry just wasn't the usual whimpering - this one demanded attention pronto. Again, I shall not bore you with what went on for the next four hours except to say that Daniel ended up sleeping next to me in our bed and Charlotte next to Jared in the guest room. Yes, 4 HOURS of crying-complaining-whimpering.

I think silence (due to sheer exhaustion) finally took place at 2:15am (and I have to be awake at 5:15am for work). Great. Just great. Daniel was stirring by my side as I gingerly cuddled him and walked down the hallway to their room - crossing all fingers, toes and hair strands that he wouldn't wake up. *Phew*

I jumped into the shower and the home was still dead quiet when I left for work at 5:50am. For how much longer? Only they know.

Today is another day. It can only be better, please not let it be worse. *shudder*

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