Friday, July 6, 2012

{ Idea } Their not-so-distant future bedroom

It's still a few more years down the track before they transition into 'big beds' as their cots can be transformed into junior beds with the removal of one panel.

Considering they have co-existed in the same room since newborns and seem to like being in the room with each other, we will continue to encourage this form of sharing until their pre-teen years OR until one / both of them tell us that they need their own room.

In the meanwhile, I am having fun checking out ideas for boy/girl twins' room. This is one that has caught my eye and here's why:
  • The combination of colours of vibrant and calming at the same time. Great for distinguishing which side belongs to who. Twins do desire individuality.
  • The painted on bed head. Superb idea! Love it.
  • The ensemble style single beds. They are very comfortable and we will ensure that the bottom half is a trundle style for a pull out mattress. Ideal for sleep overs (not too often, though)!
  • The curtain that draws between the beds which allows for privacy and in defining space for each of them.
This photo does not show any storage ideas and those who know me well, will attest to my need for organisation. Their bedroom already has a build in wardrobe so I will leave that alone.

What we do have in their bedroom now is their change table that has two horizontal shelves below. This piece of furniture will be re-purposed into their 'mini' bookcase (one shelf for each) with the top allocated for teddies and other smaller toys.

No doubt, these ideas will change infinitely as they continue to grow!

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