Monday, July 9, 2012

Joys and Pitfalls of Mobility

Mobility in toddlers is very exciting for them and exciting + terrifying for their parents. I pride myself in being a parent who does not wrap their children in cotton wool and instead subscribe to the practice of vigilance and opportunity for them to learn about cause & effect.

Charlotte has always been the more cautious child and is considered in her actions. Daniel is like my 'bull in a china shop' - he gets goes for it without any thought. 

Charlotte has a few blue black marks on her legs (nothing serious) from falling while learning to walk - no crying for her though. She stands up, brushes her hands and keeps walking with a big smile on her face. She's such a resilient child. Daniel on the other hand, well...tends to fall onto the back of his head, lets out a silent scream for about 10s which is then followed by a loud howling for added effect. He needs to be cuddled and assured that all is well and within 3 minutes, he's back exploring again. Yes, "bull in china shop" mode.

Yesterday (Sunday), we got home from being out and I was, as usual, tidying up when I heard a huge THUD followed by a lour SCREAM from Charlotte. Oh Oh! This is not good. I quickly went to her and upon close inspection, she has sustained a cut across her left eye brow and it was bloody. She was rubbing the wound with her hands because they hurt and yes, it was a bloody mess.

We immediately took her to the emergency department about 20 minutes from home.  The triage nurse inspected Charlotte's cut and to our relief, no stitches required! *phew*

Naturally, there were other patients waiting to be seen as well so we were told to wait. For how long? Who knows. Thank goodness, I had their food bag with me (always packed and ready to go) and there was also a children's corners in the waiting room. What we had not counted on was how active our toddlers were in hospital!

Charlotte was constantly exploring and walking away. Daniel was constantly wanting to play the chasing game! WHAT?! Not in a hospital please! We are not used to this because when we are at home, they aren't like this. They literally are our shadows and they tend to follow each other around the home. Not this time, they were heading in separate directions!

During our wait, Jared accidently touched Daniel's head and noticed that there was a bump on the back and upon close inspection on his scalp, dried blood on his hair. When did that happen?!

We were seen within two hours (that's pretty good) and the doctor confirmed that no stitches required. While waiting for doctor to get his gear ready, once again, the twins went exploring. Charlotte walking and Daniel crawling away very quickly. After Charlotte was attended to, we spoke to the doctor about our discovery of Daniel. He checked and confirmed that there is a small cut and nothing serious - no stitches required either.

We were back in the car at 5:30pm heading home and the children fell asleep in the car. It has been an adventure filled day!

Now...let me check out those helmets...

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