Monday, July 9, 2012

A letter to my munchkins

3 month young twins
Dearest Charlotte and Daniel,

From the moment your existances were confirmed, we finally and fully grasp what miracle means. With each routine scan, we were reminded what miracle and gratefulness really means and feels like. At your births, we experienced the true meaning of miracle, gratefulness and amazement.

You have both utterly, thoroughly and truely entrusted your precious lives into our hands. What an honor and priviledge this is!

Soon, you will be 15 months young.

Charlotte, you are walking so well and Daniel, you are crawling so fast! Together you are a formidable force to be reckoned with, especially when you decide to run in two separate directions at the same time.

You are both so different and alike.

Charlotte, you are determine and considered in your actions. Daniel, you are laid back and cheeky. Together, you are great mates to each other. Always watching, observing and mimicking each other. You both love cuddles, tickles, baby einstein DVDs (especially the episode on Baby Noah), shake your heads when we do the red indian call with hand tapping on mouths and best of all, you love each other and will seek out the other if your brother / sister is not in the cot next to you.

I love watching you grow up and miss you every single weekday morning (except Wednesdays) when I drive away from home, bound for work.

I love spending time with you and look forward to our reunions in the afternoons (especially when you have had your afternoon naps). Making it so worth the early morning starts for me so that I can spend 3 great hours with you before you go to bed.

I love you for the individuals you are, for the lessons you have and continue to teach me, for trusting me with your well-being and for choosing me to be your mama.

With all my love,
Your mama xx

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