Thursday, July 5, 2012

{Milestone} Charlotte's First Shoes

My first born has been walking barefoot for the last three weeks and continues to make great strides in this development. Hence, the time has come for her to own her first pair of shoes!

I have three critierias for footwear: to be comfortable, supportive of her growing feet & walking and to be stylish & neutral so that it will complement any outfit we put her in.

We went to two retail stores that specialises in shoes for children. Her feet was properly measured and the sales assistant brought out several styles. Charlotte was very patient and intrigued throughout the entire process. Not a peek of tantrum or complain out of her while her feet was constantly being fitted with various pairs of shoes. What a good little girl she is and yes, I am a very proud mama.

I decided on a pair of silver closed toe shoes with cute little accents from Airflex. This will be her only pair for the next few months until the warmer weather sets in and I will buy her a good pair of summer sandals.

That's all she needs until her feet grows again.

With my genes, she will no doubt develop a love affair with shoes too!

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