Friday, July 20, 2012

Raising newborn twins

Inspired by a friend of a friend who just learnt she's expecting twins, I thought I'd share my manual for raising newborn twins.

Coming home with a newborn is overwhelming. Coming home with multiples is simply, beyond overwhelming & frightening (to state the least) and especially if they are your first babies. Like ours.

This book was handed down to me by another mother of multiples and it has certainly served us well + the millions of others who took the time to read and implemented the recomendations written in these precious pages. 

We followed the recommendations with slight adjustments to suit our children and by doing so, gave us the assurance and confidence in knowing that we are doing right by them.

I love that the authors explain very clearly, the reasons behind each methodology based on their combined experience from raising multiples. Very common sense stuff.  Whether you breast feed or bottle feed, there's a routine for both scenarios. When to introduce solid foods and what to feed, this book has the answers too. What to expect with each developmental milestone, how to feed two babies at once, how to teach twins to self-settle, etc. It's all in this very easy-to-read book.

What has this book done for us and our twins
They doubled their birth weights within 8 weeks, learnt to self-settle without rocking / cuddling, stopped dream feeding at 10th week and slept through the night from 11th week. Yes, sleeping through the night. In their own cots. In their own room. Not co-sleeping.

Even if you are not keen on adopting a routine method of parenting with your twins, read the book to gain an insight and seriously, you have nothing to lose by gaining knowledge.

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