Friday, July 20, 2012

{Review} Kids' mini raviolis

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial and is solely my unbiaised review of a product

It is obvious that I enjoy food and am very relief that our children seem to have inherited this trait of ours! For those who have been following our adventures, you will know that spoon feeding does not apply at dinner time in our home. Charlotte and Daniel enjoy feeding themselves and that's why, I serve them  a variety of finger foods at this meal so that they can choose how and  when to eat by picking it up, putting it down, mashing it up, throwing it off,'s all part of learning to feed independently through discovery. Yes, mess is part of it too.
Here are some of the finger foods they enjoy so far:
  • pan-fried meat sausages (kids' friendly variety with low sodium & fat and bulk up with loads of vegetables), 
  • oven-baked crumbed fish (bird's eye brand),
  • pan-fried fish (salmon, barramunidi, nile perch),
  • steamed pasta shells, peas, corn, pumpkin, broccoli,
  • scrambled eggs, cubes of cheese, sandwiches, etc.

I purchase these two packets as part of my weekly online grocery shopping and they arrived last night (usual delivery of Thursday night).

Nutritional Information
All natural ingredients. No artificial flavours or colors and is a good source of fibre.

Serving Sizes
Each packet will serve 6 young toddlers. In my case, 3 meals.

Ridiculously easy. As promised on the packet, it does cook in 5 minutes (in a pot of hot boiling water of course). After it was cooked, I spooned the raviolis into containers that feeds 2 (for re-heating in microwave prior to dinner later) and drizzed olive oil over them. Cooled and placed in the refrigerator.

What did I serve this with to make it a well-balanced / substantial meal?
Small chicken sausage, cubes of cheese and steamed peas-pumpkin-broccoli.
Dessert of golden kiwi fruit and cherries.

Charlotte and Daniel enjoyed it! Yippee! Healthy and nutritious and out of a packet too!

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