Monday, July 30, 2012

{Sharing is Caring} Angus Beef Patty

It's been awhile since we last ate burgers and when I saw this on the supermarket shelf, I plonked in into my basket.

We would usually cook this on the barbecue but we were lazy hence into the fly pan it went while I got the rest of the ingredients and condiments together.

It was very yummy and juicy to state the least. Very satisfying. Even the twins enjoyed it! Yes!

They had the patty on its own with slices of cheese on the side. I thought they might share half a patty between the both of them. No, they had a full size patty each! WOW!

This is certainly a finger food meal I will be serving up to them once a week! Easy, yummy and full of iron for their development. A big tick from me, that's for certain!

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