Monday, July 30, 2012

{Sharing is Caring} Shoes by Walnut Melb

Charlotte has been walking for the last month and Daniel is starting to take a keen interest in this area by holding onto our hands and taking steps!

They each have a pair of shoes from Airflex (priced from $49.95 onwards) which supports their feet and is very comfortable (I hope and think) because they have never displayed any unhappiness with them on.

Whilst at the shops on Saturday with them, I came across these pairs of "mary jane" shoes and love them for its classic design, practicality, comfort, made of canvas and has VELCRO!

I tried them on the children and their smiles tell me that they approve! Priced at $29.95,  I think this is great value for money. Yes, despite this design being for girls, I bought the same style for Daniel in the denim (on the right of the photo) because I reckon it is a classic style that suits both genders.

They wore them happily throughout the day and over the weekend at the playground, petting the farm animals, at the park, at the pub, etc.

I would highly recommend this for parents out there who are looking for practical, stylish and reasonably priced shoes for their children. Incidentally, this brand also stocks adult sizes...I will be checking them out for myself the next time I'm at the shops!

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