Monday, July 2, 2012

The Sun is Out and So Are We!

Saturday saw us stay close to home as we had a few errands to run and naturally, we included elements of fun too!

We went to Capalaba Produce, a country store that has everything from turtle food to hay bales to live animals including chickens and ducks that you can buy! They also have a little hobby farm at the back of their store and it is a gem of a place. There are horses, pigs, chicken, birds, etc. This is heaven for Daniel as he LOVES animals. Charlotte does not mind animals, she approaches them with caution and stays at a respectful distance (though she seems to have taken a liking to fishes in tanks!). After Capalaba Produce, we went to their favourite playground however with the deluge of rain of the past week, it was very wet and not conducive for play so we went home for lunch and nap for them.

Sunday was yet another gorgeous day and so that meant another half day out! We decided on the Botanic Gardens and Mount Coot-Tha. As you can see from the photos, they travel well in the car and enjoyed their short morning nap!

We are very lucky that our active children still enjoy being in their pram hence it was a pleasant hour's walk (up and down some rather steep paths and when you have a twin pram, it becomes a workout too!) around the Botanic Gardens.

We walked into the tropical dome filled with yes-you-guessed-it, tropical plants, check out the fern enclosure, the gorgeous and serene Japanese Garden, etc.

After our "workout", we drove up to Mount Coot-Tha which is literally "on top" of the Botanic Gardens. A great place to chill for our morning tea and children's early lunch.

This is a family friendly place too as it has a wonderful cafe - Kuta. They serve great coffee and a good selection of sweets as well as savouries. Yes, they also have high chairs! Yay! After our spot of rest, we walked to the lookout and checked out the gorgeous, expansive views of the city we call home. It was stunning!

We must have worn the children out because when we placed them in their car seats at 11:30am, they promptly  fell asleep! It was a wonder half day out for all of us and look forward to planning next weekend!

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